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2. Contents 195-196
3. Compound ammunition external ballistics as bodies with discrete and variable weight O.B. Anipko, I.Y. Birukov, S.I. Sicshuk 3-6
4. The increase of efficiency of sniper fire tasks performing by safety forces by means of determination of rational characteristics of optical sight O.I. Bilenko 7-11
5. Synthesis of rational visual and acoustic reconnaissance for fire control system object armored vehicles І.Y. Birukov 12-15
6. Role and place of armoured vehicles in current armed conflicts R.H. Budianu 16-20
7. Justification of the approach to determining the protective potential of interspecies tactical group S.V. Guzchenko, S.P. Yarosh, V.Y. Kolotilov 21-25
8. Mathematical models of errors of measuring tool speed of thrown element in the bore of small arms О.М. Kryukov, V.H. Mudrik 26-31
9. Method of calculation of composition of spare parts of complete sets of zip for providing of finishing works and tests of standard of zenithal rocket armament at restoration repairs B.М. Laneckiy, О.M. Doska 32-36
10. Account of displacement of center of grouping of breaks of shells in investigation of warming-up of barrels of instruments during implementation of fire tasks V.I. Makeev, A.F. Raskoshniy, V.M. Petrenko, V.S. Zubko 37-42
11. mathematical model solutions fire missions tank crew V.S. Mocherad 43-45
12. Methodical going near prognostication of change of the technical state of engineering live ammunitions I.V. Pasko, V.N. Say 46-49
13. The possibilities research for interference immunity increasing of active pulse detonation device surface-to-air missile in comparison with passive interference M.І. Rozhkov, G.M. Zubritsky, D.M. Zapara 50-53
14. Algorithm features of coherent drives and measurers angular coordinates of monopulse radar station autofollow aircraft landing at a total-difference echo processing N.D. Rysakov, V.V. Kutsenko, I.L. Kostenko, I.V. Titov, V.G. Karev 54-59
15. System of aerial reconnaissance by use of GIS-technology Yu.P. Salnik, P.S. Vankevych, E.G. Ivanyk, V.D. Smychok, S.V. Prokhorenko 60-64
16. Formulates proposals to training-simulation equipment installation self-propelled launcher A.B. Skoryk, A.D. Florov, A.S. Balakleets, D.A. Maksimchuk, M.B. Garyachij 65-69
17. Index of perfection of the system a “airframe – power – plant – aviation munitions” for an attack aircraft A.N. Sorochkin 70-74
18. Trends in Ukrainian multiple rocket launch systems development P.Ye. Trofimenko, L.S. Demidko, D.L. Demidko 75-78
19. Indicators and criterion of efficiency of functioning of system of antiaircraft rocket-artillery cover of objects with the account of losses of the parties V.V. Shulezhko 79-82
20. Features of the calculation Jumping from the wing parachute V.M. Alekseev, O.V. Koroleva 83-87
21. The valuation method of intensity of the video stream counting on the basic frame V.V. Barannik, Yu. M. Ryabukhа, O.Yo. Othman Shadi 88-91
22. The integral method of constructing a system of radio channels military protection A.M. Gorbov 92-96
23. Neural networks art with several fields by neural V.D. Dmitrienko, S.Yu. Leonov, M.V. Mezencev 97-102
24. Vortex situation forecast in airdrome area S.M. Eryomenko, V.N. Kobrin, О.V. Solovjov, P.V. Prusak 103-105
25. Expert systems technical diagnostics integrated information system A.S. Kovalenko, A.A. Smirnov, A.V. Kovalenko 106-111
26. Mathematical models arcstator electric motor with short-circuit rotor B.T. Kononov, N.M. Ryabukha 112-115
27. Construction of verification tests of determination of the technical state of digital blocks of radio electronic technique by the non-contact induction method of diagnostiС V.V. Kuzavkov, E.V. Redzuk 116-119
28. The matching criterion of optimal signal processing in electro-optical systems with dynamic spectral filtration L.F. Kupchenko, A.S. Rubiak 120-123
29. CAS of technical maintenance of difficult object of radio electronic technique: principles of construction S.V. Lenkov, S.A. Pashkov, V.N. Cycarev, Yu.V. Berezovs'kaya 124-131
30. An improved method for the synthesis of extended matrix of elementary functions for cryptographic transformation of data R.P. Melnyk, V.G. Babenko, S.V. Gonchar 132-134
31. Determination of minimum cost of metrological service and transport expenses of departure metrologicals groups D.А. Filisteev 135-140
32. Spectra flow layout uav with wing direct and reverse sweep R.М. Chigrin 141-145
33. A research of approximation of the known weighting windows for a few point DFT M.P. Chornoborodov 145-147
34. Analysis of the spectrum of the natural frequencies and the relative distribution of stresses in the vibrations of the single-crystal turbine blades uncooled M.A. Chugay 148-152
35. Criteria of injury human body percussion and explosive loading S.P. Bisyk, L.S. Davydovskiy, V.R. Shabitsky 153-159
36. Mathematical modeling and algorithm for calculating charges of high explosives to blow up emergency brick buildings and structures G.М. Ivanets, E.I. Stetsyuk, I.A. Tolkunov, N.P. Bukin 159-164
37. Formation of requirements for vector based of the system of residual classes with decisions of problems of forecasting fires in residences O.G. Melnyk 165-167
38. Logical-mathematical conceptual model of liquidation of consequences of extraordinary situation at railway transportations of dangerous loads V.K. Mironenko, M.D. Kacman, V.I. Macyuk 168-172
39. Discriminant and canonical analyses of results clusterings of the territory of ukraine on the main to indicators of daily functioning and manifestations of technogenic danger V.V. Tiutiunik 173-178
40. How to collect from the world on filament on invisible «Cloak-man» in Ukrainian K.F. Boryak, S.V. Lenkov, A.F. Dyachenko 179-185
41. An integrated approach to teaching weapons training with using innovative technologies V.I. Semenyuk, O.Yu. Lavrov, N.V. Grishin, M.M. Rudenko, A.M. Kravhuk 186-190
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