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2. Contents 192-194
3. Monitoring the performance characteristics of mortar armament of the land forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the leading countries of the world militarily N.I. Belyaev, V.V. Varava 3-6
4. Ways to increase the firing from cannons with the significant depreciation of the barrel Y.I. Budaretskiy 7-9
5. Modern ways of development aviation “air to air” missails B.B. Golovko, V.O. Guyvan, V.V. Dementev, V.I. Nikitchenko 10-12
6. Method of assessing the permissible duration of the cycle of the system intelligence reconnaissance-strike complexes with strike on moving objects А.А. Zhuravlev, M.G. Ivanets 13-15
7. Methodology of determination of optimal volume of preparation of the radiotechical support means to flight support in dependence of available time M.V. Kasyanenko, V.P. Yasinetsky, V.A. Lebedev, V.N. Subota 16-19
8. prediction change conditions of combat forces fighter aircraft the Air Force in the long run Ukraine R.V. Lyaschenko 20-22
9. Model maintenance and repair of weapons and military equipment body repair A.A. Morozov 23-26
10. Definition of requirement specifications engine for light unmanned aerial vehicles U.M. Osipov, S.V. Orlov 27-30
11. some issues of creation of automated control systems troops and weapons in the Armed Forces of Ukraine O.D. Paschetnyk, L.I. Polischuk 31-33
12. Methodical approach to the aim distribution of the forces of striking aviation taking into account their structural activity and use of methods of simultaneous and sequenced striking V.M. Petrov 34-36
13. Sources of errors affecting accuracy of firing data acquired for record transfer of fire for effect V.V. Prokopenko 37-43
14. A method for determining the optimal flight path of air attack to strike an object I.A. Taran 44-48
15. Prospects of combat unmanned aerial vehicle systems deployment in Armed Forces of Ukraine V.А. Shlapatskyi, Yu.A. Kamak, V.A. Zhurahov, M.M. Geraschenko 49-55
16. The method of receiving sections protection of the on-board radio engineering’s systems from influence of powerful E-field radiation N.S. Antonenko, Ye.A. Prokopenko 56-60
17. Analysis techniques for creating interactive Web-applications V.V. Berkovsky, S.A. Radionov 61-64
18. Integration of going near using of information technologies for evaluation of difficult objects metrology providing О.В. Vasil'eva, Yu.P. Shamaev 65-67
19. Methodical approach to assess the quality of the individual training program of artillery units O.A. Heorhadze, S.V. Gorbenko, V.I. Kharabara 68-70
20. The method of calculation of pressure drop on the net continuity ensuring means of fuels in terms of their limited contact with the gaseous phase A.V. Davydova 71-74
21. Quality analysis of information network for the synthesis of structure by information and analytical control system of army technical support D.M. Zapara, V.V. Voinov 75-77
22. Method of evaluation indicators reliability of special communication V.P. Zverev, S.E. Hnatiuk 78-84
23. Ground of necessity of creation of the ground system of the trajectory measurings on the base of receivers of signals of satellite navigationals V.M. Zozulya, O.L. Kipriyanov, V.A. Lyashenko 85-89
24. Analysis of the possibility of introducing special software in the OS Android I.V. Il’inа, A.S. Petlenko 90-91
25. Complex method of improving noise immunity radio mobile objects units of the National guard of Ukraine О.Y. Iohov, I.V. Kuzminich, S.A. Gorelishev 92-94
26. Method and device of determining size of radio-location aim on circumflex the amplitudes of the reflected signals, accepted on different frequencies by set about three on locality radio-location stations E.L. Kazakov, О.V. Kolomitsev, S.I. Klevets, A.S. Petrenko 95-98
27. The methodological approach to assessing the effectiveness of work of the resource of radio control on comprehensive task solutions of radio frequency monitoring N.М. Kalyuzhniy, A.I. Zadonskiy, V.А. Kovshar 99-105
28. Improvement of laser alarm systems based on the use of diffractive reflective coatings Y.N. Kozhushko 106-108
29. The electromagnetic determing of asynchronous electric motor a rotor B.T. Kononov, N.M. Ryabukha, V.M. Uvarov 109-112
30. Upgrading of spatial measuring in digital radars with phase array A.L. Кuznetsov, V.A. Chepurnoy 113-115
31. Research of the influence of the single-phase earth fault parameters on the angle between zero-sequence current and voltage G.I. Lagutin, V.N. Lysenko, V.D. Zabolotniy 116-118
32. Ground of choice of moment of realization of control of the maximum state of radioelectronic systems of anti-aircraft systems, that are operating by the technical state B.N. Lanetskiy, A.A.Artemenko 119-121
33. Cross-protection system platformenyii Web-services and applications based on XML-files for the technology ASP.NET V.A. Martovytskyi, L.L. Kolodochkyn 122-123
34. Perspective directions modernization of helicopter park Yu.I. Mirgorod, V.M. Shvec, M.M. Yuzvyak 124-126
35. Choice of quality control methods of structural elements of machines and mechanisms О.V. Radko, N.А. Miedviedieva, О.I. Kremeshnyy 127-130
36. Method of calculating the amount of force twisting wire stretching technigue for fixing railway carrige A.A. Rodyukov 130-133
37. An intellectual model of the mobile nodes radio connectivity in the MANET O.Ya. Sova 134-151
38. Preparation of reference patterns for high-fidelity correlation-extreme navigation systems on basis of forming of paul fractal dimensions V.A. Tarshyn, A.M. Sotnikov, R.G. Sydorenko, V.V. Megelbey 142-144
39. Evaluation of the technical parameters of turbogenerators for determine the works for the restore them or to replace V.V. Shevchenko, I.Ya. Lizan 145-150
40. Method of determination of optimum plans of distributing and routes of motion of polytypic departure metrological groups Yu.I. Shevyakov 151-157
41. Approach to valuation of single information space for topologically distributed subject of control V.V. Voronko 158-162
42. Stitutionalism opportunities and evaluation of modern materials and equipment for protection armored personnel from injuries S.V. Korolko 163-167
43. Increase of efficiency of battle application of subdivisions of liquidation of consequences of extraordinary situation at railway transportations of dangerous loads taking into account an economic aspect В.К. Mironenko, M.D. Kacman, V.I. Macyuk 168-172
44. Disclosure of regularities to perform basic operations combat deployment of fire trucks V.M. Strelec 173-175
45. Analysis and realization of radiological, chemical, biological defense of troops in combat actions S.S. Trehubenko, O.A. Hutchenko, I.M. Tikhonov 176-179
46. Instrumental measurement errors of radiation levels – the cause of reducing completeness of detection of radiation situation I.Y. Cherniavskyi, О.Y. Cherniavskyi, V.V. Marushenko 179-182
47. Classification and estimation of influencing of factors during forming of programs and plans of development of Military Powers О.М. Semenenko, О.G. Vodchic', Yu.B. Dobrovol'skiy, R.V. Smartly, О.A. Korochkin 183-189
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49. Index 191