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2. Contents 189-190
3. Estimate of aiming errors at telecontrols TC-1 N.V. Burkhudaryan, K.K. Kulagin, О.I. Solonets, B.О. Chumak 3-5
4. Correction of breech-sight of small arms fire efficiency depending on the state of barrel and ammunition D.S. Baulin, S.A. Gorelyshev, A.O. Mulenko, S.V. Borodin 6-10
5. Monitoring of self-propelled artillery of Land Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine and determination of the directions of its development N.I. Belyaev, A.M. Tolmachov 11-15
6. Increasing the efficiency performance of sniper fire missions by security forces by reducing the emission angle bullet A.I. Bilenko, Y.A. Belashov 16-21
7. Areas of increasing efficiency ammunition precision S.M. Bogutsky 22-26
8. Detection and selection of marine radar targets by radar naval forces, ship-based and ground platforms based on spectral decompositions S.M. Galagan, O.I. Vovk, V.S. Popova 27-34
9. Development of recommendations on increase of strength of tests of parachute systems A.G. Dmitriev 35-38
10. The development of qualitative models to estimate the properties of aircraft armament tactical fighter V.A. Dmitriev 39-41
11. Offers on increase of efficiency of detection of lines of air objects in the automated control systems of radar D.B. Zhuykov 42-44
12. Military power supply units development prospects on the combat operations experience basis G.I. Lagutin 45-48
13. Comparative estimation of operating descriptions engines of power plant for perspective training-battle aircraft V.V. Loginov 48-51
14. An analysis of the existing scientific and methodological approaches to the choice of parameters and the type of propulsion armored combat vehicles Y.S. Mischenko, O.M. Kuprinenko 52-55
15. Mathematical bases of the determining artillery ammunition charges temperature Yu.V. Shabatura, A.S. Mishchenko 56-60
16. Modelling units firing antiaircraft missile troops armed antiaircraft missile complexes foreign production S.P. Yarosh, K.V. Zakutin, A.N. Savelyev, A.F. Makarov 61-69
17. Multiple multioperational sliding encryption V.G. Babenko, O.G. Melnyk, R.P. Melnyk 70-72
18. Research of combustion of gasless pyrotechnic compositions D.V. Vashnevsky, E.O. Sporyagin, О.B, Ustimenko, O.S. Kositsyna, V.V. Plotnikov 73-75
19. Raising of productivity of mobile radio networks on the basis of unmanned aircrafts for accomplishment of tasks of environmental monitoring in a zone of conducting operations (engagement) S.L. Daniluk 76-80
20. Way to increase longitudinal stability of wheeled vehicles with short wheelbase mathematics and coordinate analysis method W.D. Zalypka 81-84
21. Sensory memory model for intellectual machine with generalization and abstraction processing A.A. Kargin, O.S. Tymchuk, K.O. Isayenkov, G.B. Galich
22. Estimation of efficiency of use of the carried reception of signals in survey radar stations at detection of small size air objects S.N. Kovalevsky 89-92
23. Influence of turbulence on the extent aerodynamics wings I.B. Kovtonyuk, V.G. Lebid, A.L. Sushko 93-96
24. The operations of cryptographic transformation of information at binary-octal number system I.V. Mironets 97-99
25. Analysis and study methods network management for anti-virus protection of data Mohamad Abou Taam, A.A. Smirnov, S.A. Smirnov 100-107
26. Methods of the attitude control synthesizing of the elastic satellite A.S. Nazarov 108-115
27. Start of easy pilotless aircrafts U.M. Osipov, S.V. Orlov 116-119
28. Methods of "not blind" deconvolusion of optic-electronic images in the conditions of nofocusing and greasings V.A. Pavliy 120-123
29. Method analysis hierarchy for solving applied tasks control of aviation D.А. Parkhomenko 124-127
30. Determination of expediency replacement of routers in ір – networks on equipment mpls in dependence on parameters of loading S.P. Pasko, A.A. Lavrut, A.V. Latuha, V.P. Pasko, A.V Ermakov 128-134
31. Definition of the tangential reactions to the drive axle wheels when the vehicle is turning dynamic and combined methods M.А. Podrigalo, A.І. Nikorchuk 135-138
32. Technical aspects of building digital antenna arrays in communication systems I.Y. Rubcov 139-143
33. Proposal according to elaboration hybrids traps for camouflage air crafts from radio-location systems kogerention type Y.V. Sevostyanov, Ya.M. Kozhushko, S.M. Karateev, P.P. Yatsenko 144-149
34. Functions and structure of an electronic modules hardware control system N.V. Khrulov 150-152
35. Comparative analysis of domestic and foreign tanks arrangement closeness of development of 50th – 60th of ХХ age I.V. Cebryuk 152-154
36. The probabilistic method of multi-axle vehicles stability estimating K.G. Yatsenko, М.А. Podrigalo, D.М. Klets 155-158
37. Methodical going near decision of strategic tasks of choice of perspective standards of armament O.G. Vodchic, O.M. Semenenko, R.V. Boyko, Yu.B. Dobrovol'skiy 159-162
38. Suggestions to improve codification system objects of delivery in the armed forces of ukraine B.O. Demidov, S.V. Gerasimov, M.V. Borisenko 163-166
39. Results of the influence analysis of air-to-air guided missiles' basic performance characteristics on the cost of a production sample O.B. Kotov, A.P. Kornienko, O.B. Leontiev, M.V. Naumenko
40. Forms and ways analysis of armed struggle V.Yu. Panchenko, O.M. Golovan', A.V. Petik, І.С. Lugovskiy 171-174
41. The assessment method of products competitiveness on the defence market A.O. Feklistov 175-178
42. Using ant algorithm to determine the elements of air enemy plan G.V. Khudov, I.A. Taran 179-185
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