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3. The result of analysis of great classes unmanned aircraft for evaluation the opportunity of joint employment with army aviation A.M. Alimpiev, M.I. Vatan, V.V. Tyurin, V.I. Masyagin 6-9
4. Raising of task of experimental research of component ammunition and program of tests for small arm O.B. Anipko, I.Yu. Birukov, S.I. Syshchuk, A.V. Shcheptsov 10-13
5. Substantiation of rational composition of forces and facilities of transport maintenance of troops V.I. Horiunov 14-17
6. Justification approach to the definition energetic potential of technics of interspecific tactical group subdivisions S.V. Guzchenko, S.P. Yarosh 17-20
7. Method of determination of economic feasibility of carrying out planned repair on samples of arms and military equipment P.S. Zakusilo 21-24
8. Basic criteria in relation to creation of perspective family of the domestic fighting wheeled machine V.V. Kostyuk, P.O. Rusilo, Yu.V. Varvanec', O.M. Kalinin 25-28
9. Definition methods analysis of armament and military equipment complexes power supply systems characteristics and quality indicators G.I. Lagutin 29-34
10. Analysis of the trends forming technical appearance of the power plant combat aircraft of new generation V.V. Loginov 35-40
11. Substantiation of the ways that improve fight against using improvised explosive device A.M. Malanchuk, O.O. Biloborodov, D.S. Zavadskyi G.V. Rybalka, O.A. Skopintsev 41-46
12. The determining parameters and movers type method of the perspective armored combat vehicles Ya.S. Mischenko 47-50
13. The methods of formation of requirements for the regular maintenance of weapons and military equipment О.О. Morozov 51-55
14. Improving the efficiency of fire highly mobile artillery units I.V. Pasko, A.M. Meleshko 59-61
15. Determine the optimal flight path of air attack to strike an object directly near object with equal a priori danger of assault from every direction I.A. Taran 62-64
16. Substantiation of demands to system of the reserve of armament and military techniqu S.S. Тregubenko 65-68
17. A new approach to the stacking order of calculation tools and engineering equipment trailer fire position P.E. Trofimenko, S.P. Latin, G.V. Sorokoumov 69-72
18. Conditions internal resonance military tracked vehicles D.Ye. Khaustov 73-76
19. Method of evaluation of change of the technical state and practical recommendations on prognostication of remaining resource of auto-armoured technique I.K. Shasha, A.O. Ivanchenko, I.V. Boykov 77-81
20. Combat mission on fire defeat of target in tactical depth of enemy troops in modern local wars. Requirements to perspective high-precision multiply launch rocket systems V.V. Petushkov 82-84
21. Basic requirements for perspective air- basing high-precision weapons V.V. Koval, O.S. Balabuha 85-87
22. The concept of building a system of high-precision air- based weapons for solving tasks on fire destruction of ground targets О.М. Zharik, Yu.М. Agafonov 88-90
23. The concept of creating high-precision projectile for multiple launch rocket system О.О. Zhuravlyov, О.I. Gursky 91-93
24. Small-sized weatherproof external field sensors for navigation systems of aircraft V.M. Bykov, D.D. Ivanchenko, N.N. Kolchigin, V.A. Krayushkin, G.G. Osinovy, V.N. Radzikhovsky 94-101
25. The modeling results of functioning the image-based navigation of aerial vehicle A.M. Hrichaniuk 102-105
26. Preparation of the reference image for the image-based navigation system of the aircraft A.M. Hrichaniuk, A.V. Shutskiy, S.V. Myronuk 106-108
27. Features to functioning of automated control the system high-fidelity reactive system of a volley fire A.G. Snisarenko, K.G. Korneev, V.V. Serbin 109-113
28. The topical questions arises as to application safety of high-fidelity rocket complexes A.G. Snisarenko, S.V. Malakhov, A.V. Syutsky 114-117
29. The approach to the substantiation of parameters of fighting equipment of the ammunition applied to defeat of the armour purposes with active protection V.P. Grekov, А.А. Pjankov, Yu. А.Tkachenko 118-120
30. Expected descriptions of easy drone (UAV) aircrafts of wide setting U.M. Osipov, S.V. Orlov 121-124
31. The evaluation of expected effect from application of small aviation decoy targets at the time of deception enemy in operations (combat actions) Yu.N. Agafonov, S.N. Zviglyanich, N.P. Izyumskiy 125-127
32. Optimization of the angular orientation sensor for the air vehicle I.V. Bunyaeva, V.V. Piskorzh, V.O. Cheranovskiy 128-132
33. To ensuring reliability of radio electronic equipment vehicles weapons and military equipment V.I. Azarenkov 133-139
34. Rationale for the research methodology of the aerodynamic characteristics of the unmanned aerial vehicle wings with winglet airfoil P.A. Glushchenko 140-143
35. Concept of energy efficiency process improvement of the engine starting system of military transport aircraft О.I. Denisov, О.О. Bursala 144-149
36. Improvement of order and methods of research on the extension of the terms of service of parachute systems, aimed at enhancing the safety of their operation V.A. Dmytriiev 150-152
37. The elevated radio waveguides to increase the range low-altitude targets detection over the sea V.D. Karlov, K.P. Kvitkin, D.V. Karlov, O.V. Strutsinskiy 153-156
38. Solution of the task of determining the position of aiming points while planning the missile attacks on group targets I.V. Koplyk, V.A. Ovchinnikov, E.N. Avdeeva, D.A. Novak 157-159
39. Affiliation between information index Kullback-Leibner normed divergence and probability of detection L.F. Kupchenko, A.S. Rubiak, O.A. Goorin 160-162
40. Analysis of methods of evaluation and control of indexes of faultlessness difficult technical systems of multiple cyclic application, that exploited by technical state, and development recommendations from their application B.M. Lanetskiy, V.V. Lukjanchuk, A.A. Artemenko 163-167
41. Proposals for improving the protection of parts (units), which are placed in base camps S.Yu. Poliakov, V.M. Lenkin, G.A. Zmievskoy, S.S. Korol’ov 168-174
42. Results profile aerodynamic characteristics as it moves along an inclined path S.M. Poroshin, O.V. Solovyov, P.М. Solyanik 175-178
43. Defining characteristics of equipment depending on distance measuring performance car A.A. Rodyukov 179-181
44. The constructing method of the logistics of the national guard grouping in the operational area I.F. Rolin, I.E. Morozov 182-185
45. The usefulness of the professional selection of operators to control unmanned aerial vehicles T.Ye. Udartseva 186-189
46. Simulation of fuzzy-missile systems targeting S.S. Fedin 190-195
47. Assessment of radiation injury by predicting dose loadings according to combat capability sensor I.Y. Cherniavskyi, V.V. Marushenko, A.V. Matykin 196-202
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