Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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3. Stationary equipment for filtering (units) and armored vehicles А.V. Galak, A.V. Karakurkchi, Ya.V. Gribinyuk 5-9
4. Improvement of the on-board power supply systems and start gaz turbine engines of helicopters A.I. Denisov, E.A. Bursala, K.V. Bashinsky 10-15
5. Analysis of application unmanned aircraft systems R.M. Zhyvotovskyi, U.O. Gorobets 16-21
6. Innovative technology control turning road trains for towing pushing the uniaxial trailer attached adjoint hinged to the tractor ahead V.V. Kav’yk, B.G. Vasil’ev 22-25
7. Improved methods of synthesis of parallel temporal models of functional algorithm with minimal time for its realization I.G. Kirillov, K.V. Braga, V.Yu. Sukhodolskiy 26-29
8. About one operation mode of parametric system О.P. Kondratenko, I.L. Strashny 30-32
9. Virtual measuring devices and complexes as main means to improve and to optimize work of scientific, research, metrological and measuring laboratories О.L. Limanska, Y.V. Ferima, A.A. Zhovtun, M.A. Ped’, M.A. Zinchenko, M.V. Borisenko, O.I. Bondarenko 33-37
10. The architecture development of fuzzy convolution neural network for recognition of compact (point) objects on digital aerial photographs S.A. Olizarenko, V.A. Kapranov, R.V. Safronov 38-41
11. Analysis of personal data threats in a mobile device while using a variety of applications O.V. Sievierinov, V.N. Fedorchenko, V.I. Perepadya 42-45
12. System of indicators and stabilization of the optical of the element of the head light of the vehicle V.O. Sylchenko 46-49
13. Evaluation of the possibility of using alternative sources of energy based on photovoltaic cells in the Armed Forces of Ukraine S.A. Stepenko, K.V. Bashinsky 50-56
14. Analysis of the technical methods of forecasting the state of complex systems and especially their use in the formation of the operation of the national standards programs V.V. Khizhnyak, A.О. Litovchenko, A.G. Dmitriiev 57-60
15. The use of silicon PIN detectors for recording parameters of nuclear explosion I.Yu. Cherniavskyi, A.N. Grigoriev, Z.V. Bilyk, V.В. Matykin 61-68
16. Characteristics of models, that are necessary for estimate of efficiency of automated control system for military logistic V.L. Shevchenko, V.B. Polischuk, I.E. Netesin, О.I. Kremeshniy 69-76
17. Method of adaptive management parameters MIMO APSAA A.V. Shishatsky, A.G. Zhuk, R.O. Belyakov 77-82
18. Experimental and analytical method for determining the upper limit of the detection area of air objects by radars in the process of testing O.V. Bielavin 83-87
19. Fuzzy control system for the two-mass electromechanical system T.E. Vasilets, A.A. Varfolomiyev, V,V. Tomash, A.A. Podlesnyiy 88-94
20. Compensation method of elements spectral instabilities of transmitter-receiver path of radar for providing of coherent echo-signal processing Y.S. Herasymenko, A.M. Zubkov 95-98
21. Methodical going near estimation of informative possibilities of system of radio-location secret service of air opponent of groupment of troops of air defense of Ground forces M.О. Ermoshin, O.V. Kuleshov, О.V. Kolomiytsev, V.V. Shulezhko 99-102
22. Firing artillery battery and impact point grid value analytical calculations based on series of measurements by counter artillery radar O. Zhuravlev, S. Orlov, M. Ivanets, G. Safarova 103-107
23. Modified discrete chaotic map based on Chebyshev polynomial I.V. Zakharchenko 108-111
24. Telecom network mode mobile stations and radar systems at the indicator waiting for the delivery of information messages A.O. Zinchenko 112-114
25. Method of choice of active tools of influence on violators of air space P.P. Zyev 115-118
26. Increase of carrying capacity of streets cities G.V. Aleshin, O.V. Kolomiycev, V.V. Posokhov 119-122
27. Systematic approach to design of structures departments of Air Force V.G. Malyuha 123-126
28. Mathematical model of a substantiation of distribution of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on troops of a peace time and an troops, which will be mobilized H.A. Sakovsky, S.V. Hodz’ 127-134
29. Method of correction of programs and plans of development of Military Powers of Ukraine О.М. Semenenko, R.V. Boyko, S.P. Vasilenko, О.I. Kremeshniy 135-143
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31. Index 147