Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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3. Application reflective control in conflict information systems I. Barushev, A. Dahno 6-9
4. TODOS – IT-platform formation transdisciplinaryn information environment V. Velychko, M. Popova, V. Prykhodniuk, O. Stryzhak 10-19
5. The mathematical model of a substantiation of volumes of reserves of technical and material means I. Davydov 20-22
6. The history of the development of eye protection for servicemen in combat conditions and modern requirements to control their resistance to shock V. Dubnytsky, I. Krylenko, H. Fesenko, I. Cherepnev 23-37
7. Tasks of defence national information space according to hybrid warfare on East of Ukraine O. Kosogov, А. Siryk 38-41
8. Status and prospects of application of modern technologies and means of radiocommunication in the Armed Forces of Ukraine O. Lavrut, O. Klimovich, M. Tarasjuk, O. Antonjuk 42-49
9. Method of parametric adaptation control systems in the proceeding of military action V. Malyuha, A. Tristan, O. Nesterov 50-54
10. The method of planning of surface to air missile complexes repair at maintenance and repair according to state P. Openko, I. Sachuk, P. Drannik, A. Kalita 55-57
11. Analysis of modern samples of grenade launchers and ways of their improvement P. Pistriak, U. Samsonov 58-60
12. The contents of main terms in the sphere of the logistic support sphere of military formations I. Rolin, I. Morozov, O. Mynko 61-64
13. Analysis of modern attack methods on electronic resources of controls О. Sievierinov, V. Shevtsov, А. Sokol-Kutylovska 65-68
14. The guidance system of functional modes of multifunction radar based on phased antenna array O. Abramenko, M. Zaricky, А. Chelpanov, А. Shevchenko 69-72
15. Estimation of probability of laser radiation from the optical-electronic suppression mean into the field of view of optical intelligence mean that has vertical orientation of optical axis E. Avchinnikov 73-76
16. Experimental working off as element of system management to quality N. Аndrushkо 77-80
17. The use of a signal processor for the modernization of the aircraft equipment control device А. Barsukov, O. Lozovyi, O. Nykyforov, A. Nikolaychuk 81-84
18. Simulation of the Fuzzy controller for the two-mass electromechanical system T. Vasilets, A. Varfolomiyev, V. Tomash, A. Podlesnyiy 85-91
19. Filtration units of armored vehicles of foreign countries in the world А. Galak, A. Karakurkchi, N. Sakhnenko, S. Menshov 92-95
20. The analysis of features of differnt types of wingtip devices and their influence on the aerodynamics characteristics of an aircraft wing P. Gluschenko 96-100
21. Adaptive algorithm of trajector assignment of air objects with the account f their possible non-resolution Y. Danilov, D. Obіdin, О. Timochko, P. Berdnik 101-104
22. Calculation velocity and acceleration the projectile by interpolation polynomials virtual coordinate systems in evaluation factor drag forces I. Dzeverin, A. Zhuravlev, O. Kolomijzev, S. Orlov 105-110
23. The method of mutual correlation evaluating with a small training sample I. Kirillov, A. Dovgal, A. Cygankin, Ya. Snisarenko 111-116
24. Model of contour of guidance aviation bombs with a block of aerodynamic management of BAU-01KT A. Kozyr, A. Bursala, D. Bashinsky 117-121
25. Advanced software systems automation means upon detection type air facility N. Koroliuk, V. Sinyavsky, D. Khaustov 122-125
26. Analysis of development of the modern fighting wheeled machines L. Krainyk, M. Hrubel, O. Yalnitskiy 126-131
27. Method of forming signal in radio facilities with FHSS in conditions of influence of intentional noise inferences A. Krivenko 132-135
28. Suggestions to improoving of detection littlesizes and stealth targets through the composition radar stations different wavelengths V. Lishchenko, B. Lisogorsky, A. Karlov, R. Bilyi 136-138
29. System of control of the adaptive front-light in modern intelligent systems of the vehicle O. Nikonov, V. Sylchenko 139-142
30. Recognition type multirotor BPLA with the use form phase portraits R. Paschenko, V. Ivanov, D. Cupak, I. Gergel 143-147
31. The inter-connecting passive methods of location radio emission sources in the modern radio monitoring systems M. Pichugin, D. Karlov, O. Klimishen, A. Volovoduk 148-153
32. Methods of accounting the factor of time i n tasks of determining costs by stages of the life cycle of weapon and military equipment O. Semenenko, S. Vasilenko, Yu. Dobrovolsky, R. Boyko, V. Ptashnik 154-157
33. Multithreshold algorithm of localizing the reference objects corelation-extreme navigation systems of unmanned aircraft A. Sotnikov, V. Tarshyn, N. Ereminа 158-161
34. Approaches to order system type definition homing to promising high-precision projectiles P. Trofimenko, L. Demidko, G. Sorokoumov, O. Ostapova 162-167
35. Selection of color space for segmentation of images received from on-board optic-electronic observation systems V. Khudov, I. Khizhnyak 168-172
36. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the system for detecting and assessing the situation under the influence of a military radiation factor I. Cherniavskyi, S. Pysarev, V. Matykin 173-180
37. Using asynchronized turbogenerators for stabilization of voltage in the power system V. Shevchenko, D. Pototsky 181-184
38. Modern method of non-linear signals radiotechnical identification O. Shefer 185-189
39. Method of choosing rational values parameters of military radio communication with code division of channels in conditions of active electronic countermeasures A. Shishatskiy, I. Borisov, O. Makarchuk, R. Zhyvotovskyi 190-193
40. Social network data analysis for security D. Rudchenko 194-197
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42. Index 210-211