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3. Factor space analysis and improvement for qualimetric modeling of the training-combat aircraft A. Alimpiev, V. Yeroshenko, I. Kovtonyuk 7-9
4. The analysis of status space arms development programs implementation of the world leading countries M. Pichugin, Ya. Kozhushko, A. Klymishen 10-15
5. Improved methodology of calculation of daily allowance charges (losses) of fuel by soldiery parts of air command О. Gurin 16-19
6. Combat readiness evaluation of different types of weapon systems S. Zviglyanich, V. Bzot, V. Romanenko, A. Rybiak 20-22
7. Selection of points of approximation by elements composite (groups) objects O. Polujko, P. Onypchenko 22-25
8. Experimental version of automatic system for suspicious objects search on video stream from unmanned aircraft P. Prystavka, V. Sorokopud, A. Chyrkov 26-32
9. Estimation of probability of accompaniment of air courts in areas of possible rejections by radar landing systems N. Rysakov, I. Titov, A. Kulik, S. Rot, A. Simonenko 33-38
10. Mathematical model of conducting military action of the antiaircraft divisions in the conditions of behavioural uncertainty of action of air attacks V. Shulezhko, Y. Derkach 39-41
11. Development of algorithms assess the enemy's capabilities for radio-electronic suppression of air defense radar systems with the use of models of geoinformation system «Argument-2017» S. Yarosh, A. Gonchar, A. Glushko 42-49
12. The ways of aviation munition modernization substantiation Yu. Agafonov, A. Zharyk, Yu. Osipov, Yu. Tkachenko 50-52
13. The errors of determination of the total velocity vector in the unified cartesian coordinate system of the system of radiolocation stations with different accuracy A. Asavaluk, S. Gerasimov, E. Roshchupkin 53-56
14. Ground of choice of occasion of rotation of screw of aircraft G. Belovol, N. Otreshko, V. Rublev, M. Chubykalo 57-59
15. Mathematical model of forecasting an order at metrology maintenance of military measuring equipments based on system of interdependent equa V. Burtseva 60-62
16. Features of adaptive digital filtration of radioimpulse without inner-impulse modulation D. Gordienko, U. Ilchishin, V. Tonkoshkur, S. Yarovoy 62-66
17. Method multicriterion choice reconnaissance unmanned aviation systems for the Armed Forces Ukraine Ye. Ilenko, P. Steshenko 67-70
18. To question about informative safety in telecommunication systems V. Karlov, O. Lukashuk, S. Sholokhov 71-73
19. Average limit of grid lateral radiation with non-uniform phase errors L. Kornienko 74-77
20. Approach to the construction of the intellectual system of support of decision-making in management of unbilled flighting apparatus N. Korolyuk, E. Korshets, S. Balakireva 78-81
21. Analysis of metrology descriptions of sensors of transformers of information Н. Kravets, Н. Garbuz, A. Naumenko 82-84
22. Improvement of control system by automation means of radar power supply systems military power-stations for needs of ATO G. Lagutin, V. Kotov 85-88
23. Choice of materials armor plates for individual protection means force rights protection S. Manzhura 89-93
24. The concept of a small missile boat and the anti-surface missile for a Ukraine NAVY A. Pospielov, A. Khapov 94-105
25. Optimization of technological processes of tribotechnical application protective coatings treatment for aviation technique details О.V. Radko, A.Y. Skuratovsky, А.V. Rutkowsky, A.I. Kremeshnyy 106-109
26. Information technology of segmentation of images received from on-board optical-electronic observation systems I. Ruban, V. Khudov, V. Podlipaev 110-113
27. Analysis of methods of supporting decisions in automated military control management systems V. Salnik, S. Salnik, K. Lukina, V. Oleksenko 114-119
28. Experimental investigation of the pulse flashing ignition system O. Serpukhov, K. Korytchenko, I. Tsebriuk, A. Kasimov 120-124
29. Analysis of construction of energy-independence the controlled from distance sensors I. Stolayrov, A. Rusanov 125-127
30. The development of a constructional scheme of an engine air particle separating for gas-turbine engine helicopters M. Teslenko, B. Lisnayk, T. Anusina 128-134
31. Estimation of the total measurement error based on the integrated certification of measuring processes during aeronautical engineering testing V. Khizhnyak, A. Lytovchenko, A. Dmitriev 135-139
32. Segmentation of the image received from the on-borne optical-electronic observation system, swarm method I. Khizhnyak 140-143
33. System scenario for risk management in complex product systems (CoPS) development projects Ali Chenarani 144-150
34. Method of selection rational values of parameters of multi-antenna systems of military radio communications with pseudo-random reconstruction of operating frequency A. Shishatskiy, A. Kuvshinov, S. Petrunchak 151-155
35. Method of typical x-ray emitter emission characteristics individualization M. Мalakhova, S. Reva, M. Styervoyedov 156-158
36. Development of a hybrid mobile application for android with the function of processing and scanning of bar-codes Nooh Taha Nasif 159-167
37. Evaluation of cryptographic protection of nonlinear feedback shift registers N. Poluyanenko, A. Isaev 168-175
38. Graphoanalytical method of justification of the rational numbers of Armed Forces of Ukraine with account of influence restrictive factors and indicators mobilization growing O. Semenenko, R. Boyko, Yu. Dobrovolsky, V. Ivanov, R. Chigrin, A. Berdochnik 176-183
39. An approach to forecasting and assessing a situation under complex information attack on an organiztion using risk indicators of information security А. Snіgurov, V. Balashov, O. Nesterenko 184-188
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