Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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3. Elaboration of choice methods for the modernization of automotive instruments for the system of ground support for flight operations A. Babich, O. Tur 5-10
4. Development of the apparatus for the formation of knowledge about the air enemy S. Balakireva, K. Kuzmenko, M. Stakhova 11-17
5. Improvement of graphanalytic method for determining annual military periods at planning of operation and repair of automotive engineering in the military part of the NGU P. Buryak, I. Tsebriuk, A. Parkhomchuk, A. Martseniak 18-23
6. An analysis of the feasibility of using telemetry systems in the area of antiterrorist operation О. Koval, V. Zapeka, M. Dolyna, А. Batyc 24-28
7. Priority directions of radio-related appliances of range vhf with enhanced indicators of reservation for application in accordance with according to attachment experience A. Krasnorutskyi, А. Kjrotchook, R. Bezkleyni, Е. Kozir, V. Malishkin 29-35
8. Equipment for measurement of internal-bulletinal characteristics of firearm V. Mudrik, D. Toryanik, M. Zyuban 36-42
9. Analysis of the interference immunity systems for use of signal-code constructions Y. Stasev, S. Vystavkin, T. Tulenko, A. Fustii 43-47
10. Methods of the design of optimum estimates for the investigation of continious-discrete processes as solutions of hybrid automatics O. Bychkov 48-54
11. Metrological characteristics of optical flow and their influence on the transmission of the information V. Borodavka, І. Olshevskiy, M. Rozhkov, V. Lazebnuk 55-61
12. Measurement research of low frequencies al repair and restoration groups used in the conduct of the antite 62-67
13. Study of methods of improvement of indicators of investment and inflammatory incorporation of radio stations of the range of uhf range A. Krasnorutskyi, S. Zaloha, I. Zubov, К. Shtanko, V. Mohylei 68-72
14. Algorithm for the formation of signal-code structures with improved correlation properties Yu. Stasiev, L. Kliеvanna, О. Nosik 73-77
15. Model of forecasting of reliability indicator vessels I. Trofy`menko, O. Danik, Yu. Shapran 78-83
16. Justification of the generalized indicator of reliability of small arms Yu. Chernichenko, O. Zabula, V. Muzichuk 84-88
17. Formulation of resource optimization problem for software information security complex in dynamic information confrontation V. Shevchenko, D. Rabchun 89-94
18. Statistical analysis of the effect of adaptogens on the work capacity of armoured vehicles crews in performing their combat task V. Barbashyn, I. Tolkunov, V. Dubnytskyi, H. Fesenko, I. Cherepnov 95-112
19. Synergetic potential of formation and sustainable development of social security systems D. Kupriyenko, V. Krutov, D. Talalai 113-124
20. Applied information technology for assessing the feasibility of the development program of the organizational and technical system D. Lysenko, D. Dmytryshyn, E. Lysenko 125-132
21. Method of control of access to the data of the computer system of ecological monitoring H. Naaem, O. Mozhaiv 133-138
22. Comprehensive multi-objective evaluation of foci of nuclear lesions on the basis of analysis of hierarchies when creating emergency radiation monitoring system of a military nature S. Petrukhin, L. Pisnya, I. Cherniavskiy 139-145
23. Presentation of structures «precedent of modification» in concepts of their likeness and equivalence J. Babenko, I. Shostak, M. Danova 146-151
24. Methodical approach to evaluation of the threat of application of the military force against Ukraine in hybrid war V. Komarov 152-155
25. Experience of the establishment of electronic interactive training applications for implementation of information e-Learning technology in the higher military educational institution I. Nevmerzhitsky, A. Hryzo, S. Sidyuk, A. Sayutin 156-164
26. Main methodological aspects of the military-economic defense of the state: theory and practice O. Semenenko, R. Boyko, O. Vodchyts, Y. Dobrovolsky, D. Berdochnik, A. Yaroshenko 165-174
27. Index 176