Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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2. Contents 5-6
3. Research of construction features and tactical and technical characteristics of MRAP military armoured vehicles M. Hrubel, L. Krainyk, V. Khomenko 7-19
4. Improvement of approaches for forecasting of damage to weapons and military equipment of antiaircraft missile troops from impact of means of destruction D. Zapara, M. Brovko, V. Startsev, S. Bortnovskyi 20-24
5. Analysis experience use unbeatural vehicle apparatus and determination their further development during conduct net set central operations Yu. Kucherenko, M. Naumenko, M. Kuznetsova 25-30
6. Intermediate radioline of data transmission for remote control systems of armaments I. Leonov, Yu. Rafalskiy, A. Prisiazhniy, S. Leushyn 31-35
7. The method and algorithm for searching of the optimal plan of targets distribution to air defence system S. Piskunov, D. Kupriyenko, A. Maryash, A. Shevchenko 36-41
8. Radar scattering characteristics of model of destroyer-bomber Su-17M3 in SHF and UHF band I. Ryapolov, Yа. Belevshchuk, V. Kolotiliv, N. Kachan, I. Medinets 42-48
9. Features of calculation of radio channels of command radio lines of cruise missiles A. Snisarenko 49-54
10. Analysis of scientific and technological solutions of channel resources distribution of military radio communication systems A. Shyshatskyi , N. Lukova-Chuiko, P. Zhuk 55-60
11. Audiosignal extraction from the background noise with using the method of singular spectral analysis A. Barsukov, V. Kaviuk, V. Potapenko 61-66
12. Overview of the flight field with the passive radioteplocator of the millimeter range long waves V. Belousov , S. Tuzikov, O. Lukashuk, Yu. Trigub 67-75
13. Method of coordinate referencing of the images received from UAV, by elements of external orientation S. Berezina, S. Logachov, O. Solonets 76-83
14. Method of selection of the road variants to train harvest aircrafts for the impact of ground weight using cellular automaton E. Vorobyov, M. Pavlenko, Yev. Khliebnikov, M. Gladushev 84-90
15. Calculation of a single-stage pneumatic cylinder with a built-in receiver as a ground-based drive V. Grekov, Yu. Tkachenko 91-96
16. The limiting state of the axial compressor, which is operated in a dusty atmosphere Ya. Dvirnyk, D. Pavlenko 97-107
17. Evaluation of the characteristics of image processing for transmission in the systems of aeromonitoring О. Dodukh, V. Himenko, D. Tarasenko, V. Matyusha, V. Telukh 108-114
18. Evaluation of the stability of the position of hybrid wheel machines with transformer chassis R. Kaidalov, O. Kornienko, D. Toryanik, M. Zyuban 115-120
19. Investigation of the of flying and navigation complex efficiency functioning of aircraft in the conditions of destabilizing impacts on the indicators of functional stability M. Kalashnyk-Rybalko 121-128
20. An informational system for aerospace defense D. Karlov, A. Jatsutsenko, M. Pichugin, O. Klimishen, Yu. Trofimenko, M. Bortsova 129-136
21. The cyclic model of destruction enemy target S. Kibitkin, B. Ivashchuk, M. Tokatly, O. Galepa, О. Boiarchukov 137-142
22. Methodological bases of estimation of security control of the information and telecommunication network of special purpose О. Klimovich 143-147
23. Methodology of determination of parameters of automatic exact synchronization of synchronous generators B. Kononov, Y. Shcherbyna, A. Ushakov 148-154
24. Modeling of processes of expenditure and resource replenishment grouping of technical objects S. Lenkov, I. Tolok, V. Tsytsarev, Ye. Lenkov 155-162
25. The approach to the creation of block scheduling keys for block symmetric cryptographic algorithm GOST 28147-89 I. Lysenko, M. Hvozdynskyi 163-167
26. General model of creation, functioning and elaboration of the system of water surface situation monitoring under various conditions V. Mazur, D. Kupriyenko, M. Levytskyi 168-174
27. Choice of a method for forming a digital code of the azimuthal position of the antenna in the surveillance radar of the "old" park O. Malyshev, M. Araslanov, O. Piskun, Yu. Chekirov 175-182
28. Status and directions of development of mobile digital radiorelay systems V. Pochernyaev, V. Povhleb 183-188
29. Evaluation of efficiency of reduction of radar visible objects by using scattering and absorbing coatings R. Sydorenko, V. Hridin, A. Reznichenko, O. Filippenkov 189-194
30. Investigation of characteristics of the biometric identification system based on iris code V. Chernikova, A. Astrakhantsev, G. Liashenko 195-202
31. Choice and justification of the integral index and criteria of the efficiency level of target use of software information security complex V. Shevchenko, D. Rabchun 203-207
32. Index 208