Systems of Arms and Military Equipment

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1. Title 1-4
2. Contents 5-6
3. Simulation model for assessment of unmanned combat air vehicles operations S. Zvyglyanych, Yu. Agafonov, M. Izumskii, Н. Safarova 7-12
4. Determination of criteria for selection of surveying equipment of unmanned aerial vehicles for information support of military campaigns D. Karlov 13-16
5. Method of calculation of detection zones of surveillsnce radars, which are employed on real positions V. Klimchenko, M. Petrushenko, O. Maliarenko, I. Trofymov, V. Kuts 17-23
6. Method of assessment and quantitative description of parameters areas of localization areas of polarization vectors radio location objects A. Romaniuk, M. Petrushenko 24-32
7. Mathematical model for determining the battle functioning of a block protection obstacle V. Kotsiuruba, V. Krivtsun 33-37
8. Methodology for determining ballistic medium for bombardment and rocket artillery V. Makeev, V. Petrenko, V. Zhytnyk, A. Raskoshnyi, J. Mayboroda 38-45
9. Evaluation model of the impact of threats on the condition of the protection of the electronic communication systems A. Storchak, P. Sydorkin, A. Mykytiuk, S. Salnyk 46-54
10. Systematic conceptual position and organizational and methodological basis of justification, selection and implementation of advanced air defense weapons system of the state and its armed forces О. Turinskyi, B. Demidov, D. Grib, O. Khmelevska 55-69
11. Mechanisms of self-organization in tribosystems which work under anomatically low friction and wear V. Varvarov 70-79
12. Determination of wear resistance of metals untiled abrasive O. Vishnevsky, O. Davydov 80-85
13. Methodological approach to confirmation of resource indicators when carrying out the state stand testing of helicopter main rotor blades V. Dmytriiev, A. Serhiienko 86-91
14. Increasing the efficiency of electricity supply by improving the operation of power system substations power transformers A. Panchenko, A.Ministerskiy, Ye.Zaricniak, V.Kalachova, M. Dolyna 92-101
15. Fuzzy control of the three-mass electromechanical system G. Kaniuk, T. Vasilets, O. Varfolomiyev, O. Blyznychenko, O. Tolstorebrov 102-110
16. Analysis of sources and causes of the emergence of the destabilizing factors in the information-controlled system of a unmanned car V. Klimenko, O. Sukhin, D. Kotov, O. Serdjuk 111-121
17. Method of accuracy assessment of performance indicators of construction materials V. Stadnychenko, R. Dzhus, S. Pleshkunov 122-131
18. Obtaining a multilayer ferrite-based radio absorbing coating using a genetic algorithm for optimizing the effective scattering surface of electromagnetic waves in the frequency range 8-12 GHz O. Chubukin 132-142
19. Method of psychological profile model formation for the operator of the automated system of air traffic control G. Shcherbak, S. Shylo, O. Dmitriiev, M. Melnichuk, V. Rudenko 143-151
20. Multi-criteria (vector) optmization of military rations under presidial and field conditions S. Gadetska, V. Dubnitskiy, Y. Kushneruk, L. Filatova, I. Cherepnov 152-167
21. Index 168