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2. Contents 176-177
3. A technique of space division in models of operations D. Varivodin 3-6
4. Structure of system of antiaircraft defense M. Ermoshin 6-9
5. Method of estimation of efficiency of functioning of zenithal rocket battery taking into account the control facilities systems in the echeloned system of air defence V. Novoselov 10-13
6. Optimization of multichannel structure of anti-tank rocket complex after a conditional criterion “efficiency-cost” V. Berezanskiy, O. Berezanskiy, S. Kravchenko 14-16
7. Probabilistic descriptions of parameters of pulsations of speed of wind and gusts of wind Y. Oleynik, V. Borodavka, R. Butivcshenko 16-18
8. The statistical analysis of the of the anplanimetric frequency discriminator I. Barishev 19-22
9. Mathematical modelling of reflector-type antenna system with underlying surface consideration Y.O. Belevschuk, S.V. Kukobko, S.V. Nechitaylo, O.I. Sukharevsky 23-27
10. Automatic authentication of by volumes waves on results the analysis of angular descriptions of seismic signal from sources in a near area J. Gordienko, A. Solonets, J. Andrushenko 27-31
11. method of exposure of the distributed objects and evaluation of their spatial parameters from data of survey RLS on the stage of trajectory treatment of information A. Dovbnya 31-33
12. Efficiency of systems of moving targets at correction of spectrum of passive hindrances in coherent pulse radars with low stable by transmitters V. Klimchenko, A. Ochkurenko, A. Bovkun, P. Kovalenko, V. Kuprij 34-37
13. Recovery of observation recovery of masking by chaotic oscillation Mackey-Glass by metod regularizations P. Коstеnко, А. Bаrsuкоv, S. Sivаchеnко, К. Vаsutа 37-40
14. The method of target image spectral filtration under availability of atmospheric interference signal L. Kupchenko, A. Rubjak, D. Pashkov 40-45
15. V. Algorithm of placing of components of printing pays Semenets, S. Ganzha, M. Khil’, V. Ivanov 46-48
16. Analysis of possibility of multiplying detectivity of optoelectronic systems A. Strelkov, T. Strelkova, S. Lisovenko 48-52
17. The concept of influence of the pulse electromagnetic field on biological objects I. Cherepnev 52-54
18. Application of geoinformation and space systems with the purpose of increase of efficiency of actions in special operations O. Garbuzov, A. Kramarenko, S. Chernovol 54-58
19. Method of rise of exactness of navigation determinations in case of application of digital aerial grates taking into account geometrical to factor and sticky electromagnetic wicket V. Gumenuk 59-62
20. The analysis of thematic problems and their informative attributes for registration by means of remote sounding of the Earth E. Kozelkova 62-63
21. Technique of improvement of quality and efficiency of supervision by a complex «a space vehicle – the satellite a retransmitter – point of management» V. Mironenko 64-67
22. The decision of a question of independent navigation of space vehicles of optical-electronic supervision on the basis of use of the target information V. Prisyagzniy 67-71
23. Prospects of development of technical diagnostics of a modern communication facility in armed forces of Ukraine A. Skidan, A. Lavrut, T. Lavrut 72-75
24. Influence seasonal evolution of the cultivated crops of the cultures on reflective characteristic in the microwave range S. Yatsevich 75-77
25. Komari Security and vulnerability analysis of modern SCADA systems components E. Babeshko, I. Elyasi 78-81
26. Development of a way of restoration of files of color coordinates V. Barannik, P. Gurgziy, A. Kolomiytsev 82-84
27. Analysis of the state and basic principles of construction automatic control system of rocket forces and artillery V. Grabchak, S. Latin, A. Meleshko, V. Ovchinnikov 85-89
28. Creation of approach for the exception of three-dimensional surplus of images S. Karpenko 90-93
29. The algorithm of warning of overload computer network by forecasting of middle length of queue L. Kirichenko, Т. Radivilova, O. Storogenko 94-97
30. Method of images regeneration with the set loss of quality A. Krasnorutskiy, S. Ychenko 97-99
31. Parametric authentication governed Inagaki by genetic algorithms A. Lutzaevsky, T. Chajnikova 100-103
32. Comparative estimation of efficiency of compression and restoration of static images on the basis of discrete transformation Hartli I. Ruban, M. Kolmykov, S. Dudenko 103-106
33. Service state evaluation method in a computer network for the systems of the continuous monitoring V. Sayenco, А. Golubev 106-111
34. Estimation of efficiency of complex systems with use of a modified method of paired comparisons O. Seraya, E. Makogon 112-115
35. Generalized logic and algebraic method for discovering approximations for rough sets and building logic rules D. Sitnikov, O. Romanenko, S. Titov, E. Titova 115-119
36. Mathematical model of process of filling of buffers of filtration of of communication equipment of networks of multiservices Yu. Stasev, V. Medvedev, G. Kuchuk 120-123
37. The requirement models to automatic control and protection facilities of the transformer equipment V. Levykin, M. Kudryavtseva 123-125
38. Manipulate by diesel-generator during synchronization A. Malysh, Yu. Kushneruk 126-130
39. Model joint opertoy cylindrical shell taking into account the discretely located longitudinal strengthening elements from action of arbitrary static loading A. Sanin 130-133
40. Diminishing of losses during work of the frequency-guided electric engine V.N. Scheka 133-136
41. Providing of metrological reliability of facilities of measuring technique of the aviation radio engineering systems M.Yu. Yakovlev 136-141
42. Guaranteeing of specified currency risk forecasting performance in dealing information systems E. Fedorov 141-146
43. Volotility forecast for risk degree rating in dealing information systems B. Shamsha, T. Shatovskaya, L. Hristoeva 147-151
44. Stimation of losses in parts of soldieries at accident on the dump of ammunitions V. Sidorenko, S. Azarov 151-156
45. Economic aspects of introduction of the new system of fire fighting of storages of explosives and arsenals in practice I. Feduk, I. Neklonsky 156-158
46. Іnformation technologies in modern education T. Vorotnikova, S. Krivchach 158-160
47. Quantitative and quality indicators in an estimation of preparation of cadets of the supreme military educational institutions V. Kononov, V. Krasnokutskiy
48. Development of corporate training as a part of culture of design activity Е. Pomortseva 165
49. Abstracts 166-172
50. Authors 173-175
51. Index 178