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3. Order of conducting of measures of short-term defensive planning in command of type of Military Powers of Ukraine V.O. Abrashin, A.N. Goorin, O.A. Drobot 2-6
4. Accounting of belt’s cartridge variants at determination of hit probability оf a target by aircraft-bomber B.B. Golovko 7-9
5. Determination of ways in counteraction of diversions of formings of the special forces V.I. Zhukov, V.P. Kotsyba, A.S. Titov 10-13
6. Model of estimation of losses of subsections and parts of air defence of Ground forces during neutralization of the armed conflict S.M. Piskunov, I.M. Tikhonov, M.S. Roschenko 14-16
7. The analysis of the general methodology of formation of requirements to military-technical systems and arms ЗРВ. A part II. Operational and tactical researches A.B. Skorik, B.A. Demidov, S.A. Bortnovsky, S.V. Ol’khovikov 17-22
8. Principles of conduct of anti-aircraft battle and improvement of tactic of battle application of joints, divisions and subdivisions of air defense, on the armament of which there are multichannel medium air defense systems A.L. Kharytonov, A.A. Kharytonov 23-25
9. Military-technical aspects which influence on military strength security and character of soldiery threats I.B. Chepkov 25-28
10. Analysis of confrontation technology in the information space A.M. Tkachev 28-31
11. Definition of metrics for the estimation of degree of influence of information networks on the organisation of control of troops in the single information space S.P. Yarosh 32-40
12. Prognostication of the tribosistem resource of working in the mode nanowears by method of acoustic emission V.N. Stadnіchenko, O.N. Troshin, A.V. Priymak, E.A. Kisyl, R.S. Veretelnikov, K.O. Gurgiy 41-48
13. Effect of the gravitational field Earth on the motion of aircraft P.E. Trofimenko, V.I. Makeev 49-51
14. Helicopter engines operation features, conditioned by the aviation service specific in the interior troops of mia of Ukraine A.D. Cherkashyn 52-55
15. The basic directions of development and application unmanned aerial vehicles V.V. Shulezhko, A.M. Doska, A.V. Rogulja 56-60
16. Experimental researches of functional suppression on elements of wireless of video observation E.А. Avchinnikov 60-63
17. Classification of destabilizing influences on radar recognition process G.D. Bratchenko, V.V. Skachkov 64-67
18. Method of the joint finding-an accompaniments-a recognitions air object on radiation their on-board radioelektronnyh facilities V.M. Grachev, A.V. Dovbnya, V.O. Korneev 67-70
19. Development of method of defence of radio electronic apparatus from influence powerful AMY on the basis of high temperature superconductors I.A. Kapura, G.F. Konyakhin, A.M. Sotnikov 71-74
20. Polarization indemnification of hindrances at evidential frequency descriptions of highways L.G. Kornienko, R.B. Muhammad 74-76
21. Estimation accuracy of the determination of the location radio transmitter integer by triangulation method in rolling system passive radio-detection zenithal complex of the near action V.V. Kutsenko, G.V. Yermakov, S.N. Telyukov, G.M Dementiyuk 77-82
22. Optimization of probability of flight information transfer on ductings of the air space requesting observing systems I.I. Obod, I.V. Svyd, Е.P. Chernyh 83-85
23. Principles and conditions for measuring elevations target in a radar station phased array signals on the relationship neighbor petals partial pattern of N.D. Rysakov, I.V. Titov, S.A. Makarov 86-89
24. Application of artificial fuzzy neurons networks for prognostication in activity of government boundary service О.S. Androshchyk 90-93
25. Method of determination of levels of influencing of factors of social and subjective nature on management functioning of difficult system V.М. Bil'chuk, N.M. Generalova, O.G. Marchenko 93-96
26. Methodic and algorithm for the organization structure sintesis of the logistic supply managerial organ of the operatively-tactical troops of the Interior Forces of Ukraine during the service-combat tasks O.G. Bondarenko, S.P. Pavlov, O.S. Kaplun, V.G. Dundukov 97-101
27. Mathematical model of chemostat functioning with regards to controlling influence O.N. Voskoboynik, S.N. Gerasin, N.A. Matiychenko 102-106
28. Advanced mathematical model of air duel taking into account level of preparation of flight structure V.V. Gerasimenko, V.M. Gorbenko, O.N. Kompaniets 107-111
29. The application of parametric approaches for checking the distribution law of the statistical data limited by the samples volume N.B. Dolishnia, N.M. Pindus, S.A. Chehovskiy 112-114
30. Synthesis of algorithms and structures of devices forming of arcwise-frequency modulated diagrams of orientation Е.S. Kozelkova 115-116
31. The effective method of approach to the imitative modeling of the homoeostatic systems S.I. Lapta, O.I. Solovjova, S.S. Lapta 117-123
32. Imitation agentnoe of design in international relations S.V. Lubenec, I.M. Kharchenko 120-123
33. Mathematical model of subsystem of management and service in multiprotocol knot of connection Е.В. Meleshko 124-128
34. A method of upgrading radio-location image is in space systems of remote sensing of Earth D.P. Pashkov, S.V. Domnin 129-138
35. Modeling the object search within partial indeterminancy conditions in relation to probabilities of its positioning in three zones of searching strips V.V. Romanuke 139-149
36. Review of information tools for modelling of mass service systems in retail trade B. Roca, O.V. Dorokhov 150-154
37. Business-model and base rules of synthesis of processing-systems of management an enterprise S.V. Tupkalo, V.N. Tupkalo 155-164
38. Organization of system of planning of air space of Ukraine Р.В. Khraschevskiy 165-171
39. To the question of calculation of dynamic modes of electric system A.B. Yegorov 172-174
40. Application of coverages and consolidated layers for increase of capacity of details of aviadvigateley G.I. Kostyuk, V.N. Pavlenko, M.E. Sukkariekh 175-176
41. General requirements to systems of elektrosnabzheniya of complexes of armament and military technique G.V. Kravchenko, G.I. Lagutin 177-179
42. Positioning of vortical power divider modes S.N. Pasichnik 179-185
43. Efficacy of mechanical systems with flipping for protection against vibration in vehicle S.A. Sokolovskiy, E.N. Grinchenko, A.J. Kalinovskiy, A.M. Jakovlev 185-187
44. Development of suggestions on the use of generators with permanent magnets in the power plants V.V. Shevchenko, S.V. Pidkivka 188-192
45. Security of low-voltage electromechanics interconnect vehicles of management charts analysis Ю.А. Yasinskiy, V.V. Bazhenin, D.N. Goncharov 193-197
46. Comparison of pressure measurement using a quartz membrane Yu.V. Ratnakar 198-200
47. The research of the ukrainian etalon time signal transmission system accuracy improvement ability G.S. Sidorenko 201-202
48. The improvement of etalon time signal transmission system control loop’s mathematical model M.L. Trotsko 203-208
49. Problem of authentication of ships – threats of application of terrorist attacks D.V. Bezkrovniy, І.О. Lyashenko, O.Yu. Permyakov 209-211
50. Methods of making prognosis of combat missions results on neutralizing the armed criminals by special-purpose units personnel, troops of the interior, ukraine V.P. Gorodnov, V.V. Ovcharenko 211-217
51. Method of quantitative estimation of safety V.G. Ivanov, Yu.S. Lis, S.V. Ivanov 218-221
52. Mathematical design of the mine clearing a by volume explosion О.В. Serpukhov 222-224
53. Synthesis of information-reference systems of faculty I.V. Il’ina, A.A. Panteleev 225-227
54. Features the motivation cadets of the academy of interior troops of the MIA of Ukraine with varying levels of the success professional training Y.V. Matsegora, I.V. Vorobyovа 228-236
55. Creativity as an integral component of the intellectual development of creativity in learning in tertiary O.B. Nikituk, A.F. Evsyukov 237-241
56. Method of planning of the personal work of commander for the increase of management efficiency часом В.С. Polikashin, S.Yu. Poland, O.V. Polikashin 242-251
57. Model of carrying capacity of instructor composition and park educational-battle airplanes at planning of flying preparation in an air-unit V.V. Sidash, A.V. Nikiforov 251-256
58. Methods of estimation of skills of piloting of students-pilots: structure, aims, tasks D.V. Sinenko, P.M. Onipchenko, Yu.G. Busigin 257-260
59. Order of put and term of stay of citizens of Ukraine on military service V.М. Aleksandrov 261-264
60. Legal providing of state guarantees of social defence of servicemen is normative in the period of reformation of Military Powers of Ukraine: historical aspect S.S. Korol'ov 264-268
61. Some aspects of determination of category “military management” and his component parts С.Ю. Polyakov 269-272
62. Problems of land cadastral information’s content as basis of state land cadastre R.I. Marusenko 272-276
63. Automation of designing of document circulation of library S.V. Byesyedina 277-280
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65. Index 285