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2. Contents 274-276
3. Conceptual going near estimation of stability and adaptiveness of difficult organizational control the system V.I. Tkachenko, Ye.B. Smirnov, V.E. Nerubackiy 3-7
4. Comprehensive model of the process functioning of the technical support system of operational application grouping of the interior forces V.O. Temnikov 7-16
5. The role of military commissariats in completing complex programme of reforming and developing of Ukrainian armed forces and creating professional army S.V. Gorbenko 17-19
6. Views on the way of improvement logistic support of troops (forces) in combat operation D.A. Grib, A.N. Gurin 20
7. The formalized methodical going near forming of look of system of defence of objects from high-fidelity weapon B.A. Demidov, M.V. Naumenko, O.A. Khmelevskaya 24-29
8. Suggestion in relation to improvement of structure of cash cover of servicemen of military powers of Ukraine Yu.B. Dobrovol'skiy, O.M. Semenenko, M.V. Abramova, R.V. Boyko, O.I. Kremeshnyy 29-34
9. Ground of rational correlation of volumes of major repairs, modernization and purchase and developments of OVT RTV on medium-term and long-term prospects V.I. Klimchenko, A.V. Belavin 35-41
10. Results of analysis of aircrafts protected degree with help of false thermal targets kick systems V.G.Bashinskiy, D.G. Vasyliev, Y.O. Kamak 42-46
11. Algorithms of trajectory control by the guided aviation bombs at uncontact injury of battle parts for the defeat of deconcentrate strikeless purposes A.G. Dmitriev, D.S. Pechura, V.I. Nikitchenko 46-50
12. Development of algorithms of exposure of signals of unknown form at superwide-full-page location D.S. Kalugin 51-54
13. Method for detection of radar target maneuver in surveillance radars using UWB signals A.L. Kovtunov, S.P. Leshchenko, M.P. Baturynskyi, L.V. Polshyna 55-59
14. Pseudosatellites radionavigation system, their creation and optimization of network E.S. Kozelkova 60-63
15. Reliability analysis of transmission radio system information is based on mimo-technology with multiple chaotic carrier S.V. Ozerov, A.A. Artemenko 64-67
16. Problems and perspectives of navigation support aircraft A.M. Sotnikov, V.A. Tarshyn 68-74
17. Adaptive planning systems distribution of airspace of Ukraine is basic direction of development R.V. Khrashcevskyi 74-83
18. An inverse problem of recovering parameters of the Earth-ionosphere waveguide excited by a lightning discharge A.V. Shvets, A.P. Krivonos, T.N. Serdiuk, Yu.V. Goryshnya 84-90
19. Model of knowledge on tactics of action of air attacks in overcoming the grouping air defense forces O.V. Aleksandrov 91-93
20. The method of decoding algebraic convolutional codes A.S. Volkov 94-97
21. Managing the typical workstations in a large distributed automated systems A.L. Voloshyn 98-103
22. Method for control of cryptographic information provided in a modular number system V.A. Krasnobaeyv, S.А. Koshman, V.N. Kurchanov, A.V. Haramas 104-107
23. Design of topology second communication network structure G.Ya. Krikhovecky, A.A. Polyakov 108-110
24. Method of resources allocation of multiserver knot of nformation treatment is control G.А. Kuchuk, V.V. Kosenko, A.P. Davikoza 111-115
25. About identification of some initial logical concepts V.A. Leschynskiy 115-118
26. Technology of creation expert systems for livestock D.V. Lubko 119-121
27. Reliability Management of the Complex Technical Systems in Conditions of Resource Restrictions V.V. Lukjanchuk, B.N. Lanetskij 122-125
28. Estimation of decision-making operativeness at purpose of influences upon objects of opponent A.I. Tymochko 126-129
29. Working with the search engine using large amount of data in the cloud and implement the process Solr Т.S.Тkachova, Al-Safi Ahmed Nuruldin, Ibraheem MustafaHalil 130-132
30. Application of cognitive approaches in semistructured systems of decision making a support А.V. Tristan 133-136
31. Models and methods for heat loss evaluation A.S. Chupryna, Ogunniyi Oreoluwa 137-140
32. A method of estimating the probability of message delivery in the specified time into computer networks S.I. Shmatkov 140
33. Determination of index of quality maintenances of mobile station in the case of application of procedure of handover О.О. Bolyubash 144-146
34. Circular blowing of model of submarine part of BTR-3U is wind-channel S.V. Bugaev 147-150
35. Simulation of fluid motion in cylindrical tanks K.V. Gorielova 151-154
36. Transition process in the three-phase network event of unauthorized interference in its work B.T. Kononov, A.A. Musharov
37. Management of quality of electric energy B.T. Kononov, N.N. Rabucha, V.M. Sheka 158-161
38. Computer modeling of vehicle behavior with anti-lock braking system A.V. Pisarenko, A.V. Belous, D.V. Kononenko 162-166
39. Improvement of indexes of diesel by change of proportions of the diesel and bio-diesel fuel in fuel mixture А.P. Polyakov, O.O. Galuschak, P.A. Polyakov, D.L. Korolyuk
40. Piezoelectric transformer for generators power-stations N.N. Sapiga, P.F. Bydanov, Е.N. Yukova 169-172
41. The thermal state of small and middle power turbo generators with complete air-cooling V.V. Shevchenko, A.N. Minko, E.M. Fomina 173-176
42. The device for measurement of intensity of sound fluctuations in continuous environments G.F. Konyakhin, V.L. Vereshchagin, R.A. Yatsenko 177-180
43. Method of disturbances situation estimation on an aerial ground V.D. Karlov, N.N. Petrushenko, G.A. Golovin, O.V. Besova 180-183
44. The estimation of the experimental investigation results of the powder gas pressure sensor in barrels of small arms O.A. Aleksandrov, S.O. Pivovarov, I.V. Kostenko 184-187
45. Analysis of the efficiency of a passive IR detector robots moving objects O.S. Manohina, A.N. Naumenko
46. Application of vortical flowmeter-meters is in hard external environments А.N. Naumenko, M.V. Zhila 190-192
47. Scientific and technical base of the system of measuring and account of expense of fluid environment А.А. Stecenko 193-198
48. Estimates of methodical errors at check electromechanics measuring devices by the signals of nospread function V.N. Chinkov, V.V. Mosharenkov 199-202
49. Informative support of monitoring processes of project and program management on industrial enterprises Y.Y. Gusieva, O.V. Grebenikova, N.P. Pan 203-206
50. Estimation of investment-innovative activities efficiency of aviation industries enterprises V.B. Semenov, V.A. Tugolukov, V.O. Lekhovitser 207-209
51. The development of hybrid safety assessment method of infrastructure and systems of critical application under uncertainties Ye.V. Bregnev 210-215
52. Method of construction of CASS management at liquidation of consequences of extraordinary situation А.А. Dyadyushenko 216-218
53. The review of programmatic complexes for timing evacuation of people from buildings and buildings S.V. Kucenko 219-222
54. Analysis electrical accident in the construction industry R.I. Pahomov, E.V. Dyachenko, T.V. Lavrut 223-225
55. Modeling the spread of fire inside the building in two-dimensional space using cellular automat M.O. Pustovit 226-230
56. Algorithmic and programmatic tool of emergency strategy of management systems of serve and distributing of water I.M. Ryabchenko, V.V. Gagarin, D.I. Ryabchenko 231-233
57. The model of violators’ possible acts on preparation for border violation in check points via the state border I.I. Balyts’kyi 234-238
58. Suicide in law enforcement, as a social phenomenon I.V. Vlasenko, M.O. Chmil, S.M. Bakoomenko 239-241
59. People's right to possession of a weapon as a factor of personal and public safety V.I. Dyakonov, I.A. Cherepnev, G.А. Lyashenko, N.V. Polyanova, B.A. Nikulichev 242-251
60. Who such soldiery managers and what must they in military organization? V.S. Polikashin, S.Yu. Polakov, O.V. Polikashin 252-259
61. The factorial structure of professional consciousness cadets of internal troops of the MIA of Ukraine A.S. Kolesnichenko 260-264
62. Information technology of the training process organization based on the identification of individual parameters О.I. Morozova 265-268
63. Authors 269-272
64. Index 273

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