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3. Structure of field manuals of air defence troops of land forces Of Armed Forces of Ukraine balancing problem О.V. Kuleshov, О.V. Batourin, E.О. Ryabokon, О.О. Olifirov 3-6
4. Effects of changes in character warfare а classification of armored combat vehicles A.N. Kuprinenko, A.U. Larin, J.S. Mishchenko 7-11
5. The approaches to estimation of Army Air Force fighting strength during enemy psychological operations preparation and conducting I.A. Taran, V.V. Pugach, V.P. Kotcuba 11-14
6. Adaptation of retired military personnel to the civilian life as one of the branches in the development of personnel policy in the Armed Forces of Ukraine S.V. Gorbenko, V.V. Homa, G.V. Shpanchuk, I.I. Smirnov 15-21
7. Estimation of risk indexes during creation of armament and military technique І.V. Оdnоralоv, E.Y. Demchenko, A.G. Dmitriev, A.S. Hignyak 22-27
8. Analysis of the loss of the mobilization of resources, the direction and trends of the development of manning the Armed Forces of Ukraine conscripts and reservists M.M. Seredenko, G.V. Efimov, O.O. Furtes 28-34
9. System of work with personnels of government service in military powers of France О.V. Yacino 35-40
10. Calculation of radio-location descriptions of model of strategic bomber B52 О.I. Sukharevskiy, V.A. Vasilec, M.M. Kolchigin, Ya.A. Belevschuk, A.V. Poland 41-45
11. Basic models of human-operator of air navigation system T.F. Shmelovа, Y.V. Sikirda, V.O. Grigoretskiy 46-54
12. Method of multithreading implementation of multiradar trajectory processing in radiolocation information collecting and processing systems О.S. Bodiak 55-57
13. Researching of problems in implementation of the digital synthesizer in forming compound signals in meteorologiс radar N.P. Kandyrin 58-63
14. Redaction possibilities of operating time of anti-aircraft complex using radars of target designation with broadband signals A.L. Kovtunov, S.P. Leshchenko 63-65
15. Analysis of possibility of application the multiplicative congruent method of Lemer for steganographic transmitting data in the military radiosystem A.I. Kyshnir, K.S. Vasyta, O.I Syharevsky, S.V. Ozerov, A.N. Korolyk 66-69
16. Invariant functions describing the navigation conditions of the vessel A.M. Nosovskii 70-74
17. Function of degradation of the point of optiko-electronic images at greasing and nofocusing, caused by heterogeneity of atmosphere V.A. Pavliy, A.N. Makoveychuk, G.V. Khudov 75-78
18. Method of choice Conduct Variants of service and software Updates Web-systems with vulnerabilities and Design defects Alaa Mohammed Abdul-Hadі 79-81
19. The formalization of the technical means of diagnosing and monitoring functional stability processes in the navigation and traffic control of transport facilities G.L. Baranov, I.V. Tikhonov, G.G. Sobolevskii 82-86
20. Packing problem of non-oriented ellipses Н.І. Gil', A.V. Pankratov, T.E. Romanova, I.A. Subbota 87-90
21. Information protection and solution of the Cauchy І.O. Gromyko 91-94
22. Speech recognition based on the method of spectral estimation Y.V. Danyuk 95-97
23. Method of preparation of decisions and prognostication of consequences B.O. Demyanchuk, V.I. Dyachenko 98-103
24. Method of assigning validation group (evaluation) of military organizational structures S.V. Dudenko, S.S. Tkachuk, V.V. Kalacheva, M.М. Kolmykov 104-107
25. Information technology to support of multi-version systems assessment V.I. Duzhyi 108-113
26. Informational technology for semantic text compression S.V. Iegorov 113-116
27. Algorithm of making a decision at strategic level of management at creation and development of difficult organizationally-technical systems V.V. Leonov, R.V. Boyko, I.M. Sivokha, О.A. Korochkin 117-122
28. Behavior's research of socio-economic systems on the basis mathematical model of development's dynamics T.V. Lukyanenko 122-126
29. Method of embedding of two-level digital watermarks into media files for copyright protection E.V. Meleshko 127-131
30. Software for the nanoparticles parameters determination on the base of its motion tracks analysis E.V. Minov, S.E. Ostapov, Yu.B. Khalavka, G.M. Okrepka, P.M. Fochuk 132-136
31. Technology of input and selection of vocal signal of user is in the systems of authentification О.N. Fayzulaeva 137-143
32. Development of concepts logical connections predicative models S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko, Kudhair Abed Tamer, I.A. Leschynskaya 144-147
33. Application of hydrodynamic wing for increase speed motion on water of the easy armoured floating machine I.S. Bugaev 148-152
34. Research of possibility of cleaning of steel of 40Х from superficial tapes at soldering in salt baths V.V. Kosenko, A.S. Kobzev 153-155
35. Calculation of optimum distributing of electric power V.P. Razzhivin, Yu.M. Kochoev 156-159
36. Vectorial management of frequency managed asynchronous electric drive О.О. Ruchka, O.O. Nikolaev 159-162
37. Calculation of parameters of power transformers, managed on-loading V.N. Scheka, R.V. Antonov 162-165
38. Factor to heat inertia of the thermoconverter O.Y. Kucheryavenko, A.N. Naumenko 166-167
39. Project management on road safety V.К. Dolya, I.Р. Englezi 168-170
40. The features of application of the system of technological process of quality of products of machine-building enterprise control on conditions of dynamic influence of external environment N.A. Yefimenko 171-173
41. Principles of spatial development of socio-economic system of Ukraine L.V. Morozova 174-178
42. Forming of informative base for initiation of programs stabilizing communal enterprises A.Yu. Starostina 178-181
43. Recommendations for operational planning for training and rescue units A.V. Alboschy, M.M. Maximov 182-184
44. Restructuring process for decision making to minimize the effects of chemical accidents O.M. Zemlianskyi 185-189
45. Estimate of the total exposure of anthropogenic impact on the overall level of risk life in Ukraine V.D. Kalugin, V.V. Tiutiunik, L.F. Chernogor, R.I. Shevchenko 189-197
46. Mathematical model of reacting of forces and facilities of civil defence on territory of administrative units A.S. Rogozin 198-200
47. Improvement of automation of technological process in the system of providing of fire safety of warm electric pipeline on a gaseous fuel A.N. Roianov, O.V. Kulakov 201-203
48. Determination of features of organization academy of interior troops of the ministry of internal affairs, Ukraine. Fire-prevention supervision is on vitally important elements of object with purpose of counteraction of diversion, which is carried out witho S.O. Starodubtsev 204-208
49. Analysis on state border illegal activities using fuzzy logic inference А.S. Androshchuk, A.V. Mikhaylenko 209-214
50. The question tactics formations the Interior Troops of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine using mobile precision weapons K.U. Gunbin, Y.G. Bashkatov, I.A. Radchenko, A.V. Kovtynenko 214-217
51. Model of prognosis of intensity of stream of model offences on area of responsibility of organ of guard of state boundary out of points of admission О.L. Lutskiy 217-221
52. The analysis and synthesis of experience of fight against ambushes of the opponent divisions of military formations during armed conflict and performance of peacekeeping tasks in the conditions of the mountain, mountain and woody and rugged district S.U. Polakov, V.M. Lenkin, G.A. Zmiivskiy 222-229
53. Improving food security military units of internal troops manning the military under contract service L.F. Tovma, D.V. Egorov 229-232
54. Information system "department". Organization of data entry K.S. Barashev, V.A. Kirvas 233-236
55. Forming of quality criterias lessons scheduling list for Kharkov university of aircrafts І.O. Romanenko, D.O. Smoljakov, V.V. Kalachova, S.V. Alekseev 237-240
56. current status and trends of the development of American and European anti-radiation missiles A.A. Grizo, S.N. Kovalevskiy, І.M. Nevmerzhitskiy, O.O. Shevchenko 241-245
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