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2. Contents 309-311
3. Conditional hit of aim probability taking into account reliability of work of elements of complex and counteraction to firing by rockets О.V. Kolomitsev, V.E. Kudrjachow, O.O. Adamovski, A.A. Korotja 3-9
4. Model of reability of functioning of antiaircraft missile complex taking into account reliability of his component parts B.М. Lanetsky, О.О. Zverev, O.O. Panitsyn, I.O. Chygryn 10-12
5. Requirements system operational support actions of persons crews, as component of a modern automated systems governance of military purpose S.V. Polischuk, S.I. Khmelevskiy 13-15
6. Efficiency of radio technical troops battle application in armed conflicts of the end ХХ - beginning of ХХІ ages P.V. Schipanskiy, S.V. Kukobko 15-18
7. Calculation of indicators of the radio electronic means of anti-aircraft complexes residual resource at distribution of an operating time to resource refusal under Veybull`s law A.S. Kirilyuk, S.I. Glock 19-20
8. methodical approach in relation to evaluation of the state of system of completing of Military Powers of Ukraine by technique of national economy Р.В. Smartly, O.M. Semenenko, O.G. Vodchic', A.D. Berdochnik 21-26
9. Conceptual issues of improving the machine military-technical sphere B.A. Demidov, M.V. Naumenko, O.A. Khmelevskaya 27-34
10. Motivation of the definitional domain and area importance function accessories increase of the skill in the course of planning of combat preparation military I.A. Romanenko, T.O. Ivachnenko 34-36
11. Estimation of plenitude of realization of plenary powers and responsibility by organs of military management E.B. Smirnov 37-41
12. Perfection of functioning of ware-house economy of food service military part L.F. Tovma, O.V Trunyn 41-44
13. Features of construction of mathematical model of process of flight of airplane V.А. Berdochnik, A.V. Priymak, D.V. Berdochnik 45-48
14. Role, place, task and possibilities of air secret service in the informative providing of reconnaissance-searching actions В.М. Ivaschuk, E.I. Amazastov, Yu.S. Luzha, A.V. Statigin 49-52
15. Determination of the methodical going near the ground of in-high-quality composition of groupment of tactical aviation О.B. Kotov, R.V. Lyaschenko 53-56
16. Determination of aerodynamic descriptions of model of wig is in wind-channel of T-1 of the Kharkov university of Aircrafts Е.А. Ukrainez, A.P. Kornienko, V.A. Zimin, S.D. Onischenko, S.N. Smetana, A.Yu. Kryuchenko 57-60
17. Management by process of setting of influences destroyers in perspective complex of facilities of automation of destructive part А.K. Sheygas, N.N. Petrushenko 60-63
18. Structure optimization signal processing systems for monitoring response interrogation airspace V.A. Andrysevich 64-66
19. The improving antijaming оf systems transmission binary of messages by using chaotic sequence of generated mapping Ikeda А.N. Barsukov 67-71
20. Research methods for improvement aerospace optoelectronic materials O.O. Biloborodov, V.I. Prysazhnyi, A.M. Malanchuk, G.V. Rybalka, A.V. Chelpanov 72-79
21. Measuring of group targets geometrical sizes by monoimpulse accompaniment radar V.V. Burtsev, М.U. Trush, P.U. Sevch, E.V. Biesov 80-83
22. Possibility of application vector directional median filters for selection of impulsive А.А. Gryzo, I.M. Nevmerzhickiy, V.N. Kupriy, A.B. Gogolev 83-88
23. Multi-channel receiver correlation type avionics automatic radio compass V.A. Doroschuk, A.V. Nikitin, O.P. Kulik, I.V. Titov 89-92
24. Increase of efficiency of defence of multifunction radio-locator from antilocator missile due to the adaptive adjusting of power of sounding signal depending on distance to the target that is accompanied M.I. Kamchatniy, Y.V. Bublik, I.Y. Sementovskiy 92-96
25. The program of preliminary calculation of zone of radiocoverage of cellular communication network is in the environment of MathCad А.А. Makarenko, G.А. Grуnkevуch 97-100
26. Development information models condition monitoring armaments and Radio Engineering Battalion M.A. Pavlenko, T.Y. Mishchenko, M.Y. Gusak, S.I. Simonov 101-104
27. Recommendations on the choice of the modulation law of discrete frequency manipulated signal V.A. Tarshyn, V.A. Kovalchuk, S.M. Finageev 105-108
28. Study of the properties of linear transformed stochastic processes K.S. Vasyuta, S.A. Shcherbinin 109-113
29. The analysis and development of additional modules for content management system I.V. Il’inа, E.R. Aleksandrov 113-115
30. Approaches to synthesis of technical structure of a copmuter system, which forms control system for critical application object A.A. Kovalenko 116-119
31. Distribution approach to the implementation of passengers and selection of control necessary decisions L.М. Kozachok 119-121
32. Research correction color balance of digital images in LAB color space T.A. Kolesnikovа, K.Y. Zhuk, A.M. Sinotin 122-124
33. Method of processing data represented as an integer V.A. Krasnobaeyv, N.G. Variga, В.V. Homilko, V.V. Kaplenko, A.G. Lemeshko, М.S. Movchan 124-131
34. The mathematical models and algorithms for the squaring of integers by an arbitrary module of residue class V.A. Krasnobaeyv, A.S. Yanko, S.A. Koshman 132-137
35. Planning of parameter invariant systems on basis of application of estimations of their sensitiveness S.M. Kucheruk 138-142
36. Video analyses based on Voronoi diagrams of different order Е.D. Mikhnova 142-145
37. Verification of symbolic transformations software for modeling dynamic objects of transport A.M. Nosovskii, G.L. Baranov, S.M. Vasko 146-149
38. Methods self-diagnosis computer systems based on flexible structures verification relations D.M. Obidin 150-154
39. Features of application of multiheuristic approach for decision of nondeterministic eventual automats minimization TAS S.V. Pivneva 154-157
40. A method for identification of regression model for irregular object image brightness distribution К.S. Smelyakov 158-160
41. analysis of existing mechanisms of information security A.A. Smirnov, I.A. Lysenko 161-163
42. Sharpening procedure in the genre of portraiture V.V. Falii, T.A. Kolesnykova 164-166
43. Formalization of rules of receipt of estimations of activity of operator in the process of trainer preparation V.G. Chernov 167-172
44. A model of videostream structural-weight codegrams intensity estimation А.O. Krasnoruckiy 172-175
45. Efficiency of parallel solving the Poisson equation on cluster computer systems with graphic accelerators Ye.O. Shkvar 176-181
46. Equivalent circuit of diphasic asynchronous generator A.B. Egorov, O.Yu. Egorova 182-183
47. Physical phenomena and mechanisms that change the surface and surface layer of optical materials when exposed to an electron beam G.V. Kanashevych
48. Metallography researches of details from steel of 40Х, soldered copper В.В. Kosenko, A.S. Kobzev 189-193
49. Mathematical model cars oscillatory system DE-226 cleaning snow runway B.M. Кruk, N.G. Stadnichenko, O.A. Gurin, А.M. Skrebets 194-199
50. Methodical approach to evaluating the effectiveness of operation of the power of means of border protection V.V. Levkov 200-205
51. To questions of informative preparation of organization of repair of military motor-car technique М.V. Meleshko 206-209
52. Erection of building frames using structural-cabling steel reinforced-concrete designs L.I. Storozhenko, G.M. Gasii, M.O. Korshunov, E.V. Dyachenko 210-212
53. Development of optimum method of control of parameters technical systems after the criterion of exactness S.V. Gerasimov 213-216
54. Factors of increase of efficiency of system of metrological providing in the field of defensive V.P. Gudyma 217-220
55. Questions to improve operational efficiency information-measuring systems V.V. Koneva, A.N. Naumenko, V.V. Koneva, А.А. Оvchinnikov 220-222
56. Estimate of basic errors of measurings transformers of temperature А.М. Naumenko, V.M. Sizonenko 222-225
57. Mathematical model of the metrological verification interrelated stages within the standartization center informatization L.E. Serkova, T.A.Palonna, T.I. Burceva 225-227
58. Determination of mathematical model planning of experiment is during authentication test U.P. Shamaev, U.S. Lysenko 228-229
59. Conceptual chart of intellectual system of support of making a decision for automation of process of management personnel V.М. Gugnin 230-232
60. Optimization of system costs of logistic of production-sale association with the distributed structure А.I. Lysenko, E.I. Shostak, I.A. Gonchar 232-235
61. Screw model of life cycle of sophisticated technical machinery multiproject’s Y.N. Tolkunova, T.Y. Pavlenko 236-240
62. The Appling of the detonation Carbon Oxygen lasers for deactivation А.V. Galak 241-245
63. Multilayer information transformation in multilevel technology of fire safety monitoring S.V. Holub, I.V. Burliai 246-251
64. Principles development «Psychological readiness personalities specialist of extreme kind of activity» A.S. Kolesnichenko 252-258
65. Perfection of method of reception of radio signals in the meteorological radio-location stations for conducting of ecological monitoring D.P. Pashkov 259-261
66. Implementation of digital instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plant using FPGA-technology: benefits and solutions V.V. Sklyar 262-265
67. Analysis of realization of threats natural and technogenic character in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Lviv, Mykolayiv, IvAn-Frankivsk, Kherson regions A.S. Rogozin 266-270
68. Optimal selection criteria for determining the rational values main characteristics of shelters S.A. Tuzikov, S.A. Kovzhoga, E.V. Karmanny, A.F. Lazutsky, A.V. Pisarev 270-272
69. Practical application of intellectual decision support system in the state border service in special situations А.S. Androshchuk 273-277
70. Features and principles of information-analytical support of operational activities of departments Border Service "C" V.P. Gorodnov, V.А. Kyrylenko, O.V. Meyko 278-282
71. Evolution of military management and his principles on the first stage (from a deep remoteness to the first fourth of XVIII age) V.S. Polikashin, S.Yu. Polyakov, O.V. Polikashin 283-291
72. Some aspects of improvement of tactical training of cadets (students) of military divisions of higher educational institutions S.Y. Polakov, V.M. Lenkin, G.A. Zmievskoy, A.I. Shkuropatsky 292-298
73. Authors 303-307
74. Index 308