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2. Contents 262-264
3. Generalized operation model of technical support system for combat operations B.A. Demyanchuk, A.V. Malishkin, S.O. Nikul 3-8
4. The center of mass of unmanaged rockets at the boost phase V.I. Makeev, Y.I. Pushkarev, V.V. Voronko 8-13
5. Determining the direction of air attack weapons at the operational and tactical direction M.A. Pavlenko, S.V. Polischuk, S.I. Khmelevskiy, P.N. Gritsenko 14-20
6. Model of estimation of losses of subsections and parts of interspecific tactical groupment of troops of Military powers of Ukraine during neutralization of the armed conflict І.М. Tikhonov 21-23
7. Defining the parameters of ballistic targets with grouping observations A.V. Chelpanov, G.V. Аkulinin, E.A. Melenty 24-26
8. Improvement of the complex of mathematical models, realized on the basis of geoinformation system “Argument-2011” S.P. Yarosh, A.F. Makarov, A.N. Savelyev, V.A. Kalinichenko 27-33
9. Readiness of Ukrainian citizens to protect their homeland in case of mobilization announcement or start of war V.V. Baryshnikov, O.K. Neimyrok 34-37
10. Analysis of distributed computer systems simulation modeling of the United States of America S.I. Burkovsky, Z.Z. Zakirov, M.P. Baturinskiy, L.V. Pol'schina 38-41
11. Experience of military personnel adaptation to civilian life in the USA S.V. Gorbenko, V.V. Homa, G.V. Shpanchuk 42-44
12. Systematic approach to the feasibility of estimating the modernization of samples of weapons and military equipment M.V. Naumenko 44-48
13. Technology changes in nutrition standards servicemen of the Interior Troops of Ukraine L.F. Tovma, V.A. Rusanov 49-51
14. Determination of electronic temperature of hasp is in air environment N.S. Antonenko 52-55
15. Automation of radiotelegraphic communication in Air Forces of Armed forces of Ukraine M.R. Araslanov, V.P. Savchenko 56-60
16. Analization automatic motion control system in navigation systems research O.N. Dmitriev 60-62
17. Methods of simulation of radio electronic elements with the use of MatLab and Visual Simulation software at preparation of specialists of radio electronics Т.S. Zholonko, V.V.Suprun 63-65
18. Method for calculation of scattering characteristics of dielectric objects of resonant sizes G.S. Zalevsky 66-69
19. Prospects of combined conditioners PLL based DSS for forming and microwave signal. Phase noise of the PLL N.P. Kandyrin 70-73
20. Aggregation efficiency in management system dynamic process N.Y. Karpenko, V.B. Ufimtseva 74-78
21. The tasks of remote sensing requirements and space information to address them E.S. Kozelkova 78-81
22. Analysis of possible influence of mobile communication means to work of side radio electronic equipment of Aircrafts airplanes I.o. of Kolomiec, V.V. Vasil'chuk, I.A. Khizhnyak 82-84
23. Synthesis of two pulse shaper single series tunable temporal parameters E.N. Korobkova 85-89
24. Increase of the trajectory measurings exactness due to application of space navigationals I.A. Nos, A.I. Solonets, B.A. Chumak 90-92
25. Method of estimation of parameters of signals with pseudocasual alteration of working frequency V.V. Olshanskiy, E.M. Prokopenko 93-95
26. Mathematical model of intensity of sending data telecommunication network in accordance with the method of adaptive rate N.V. Rvacheva, V.V. Petrenko 96-101
27. Research of Markov models of I&C systems with failures of monitoring and control V.V. Sklyar
28. Analysis of coordinates determination accuracy of the radio emission sources in the system of radar-location complex and altimeter V.N. Tkachenko, V.V. Korotkov, R.L. Pantyeyev 109-114
29. Estimation of influencing of the scale factor tribosistem on capacity of energy of parameters of acoustic emission О.М. Troshin, V.M. Stadnichenko, M.Yu. Lemeshev, M.A. Zinchenko, V.V. Pritulyak 115-117
30. Method of upgradability estimation local area network A.M. Klimenko, I.V. Shuba, Y.V. Boltova 118-120
31. Method of data processing in residue classes V.A. Krasnobaeyv, I.A. Chernytskya, S.A. Koshman, А.М. Martynenko 121-126
32. About influence of structure of refurbishable object on his reliability indexes S.V. Lenkov, S.О. Pashkov, V.О. Osypa, V.М. Cycarev 127-131
33. Formation of air transport in complex information security A.V. Mishchenko 132-134
34. Optimization application of wavelet- definition transformations for performance traffic multiservice networks AA Mozhaev, N.H. Rakovskaya, V.V. Kazimirova 134-140
35. Method of verification data storage within performance of verification in distributed knowledge bases D.М. Obidin 140-143
36. Construction of pseudo-random code based on the linear generator of m-sequences S.G. Rassomakhin, D.M. Gazhur 143-146
37. A method for searching logic rules in expert systems based on association dependencies between discrete features D.E. Sitnikov, E.V. Titova, A.I. Kovalenko, U.V. Banin, R.O. Patik 147-150
38. A method for searching logic rules in expert systems based on association dependencies between discrete features A.A. Smirnov, S.A. Smirnov, E.V. Meleshko, A.A. Kuznetsov 151-154
39. Research of optimal system parameters with specified structure with deterministic and random variables I.N. Sribna 155-157
40. Study of three-switching fields of different configurations K.P.Storchak 157-159
41. Complex compression method of tomograms Е.О. Shamraeva 160-162
42. Determination methods of the priority factors, characterizing the level of threats to national information security O.M. Kosogov 163-166
43. The problems and methods of formation the system of information security of the state O.V. Levchenko 166-168
44. An analysis of modern methods of account of losses of electric power is in grids of Ukraine P.V. Vasyuchenko 169-175
45. Erection methods of structural-cabling steel reinforced-concrete designs the feasibility study of efficiency G.M. Gasii 176-178
46. Buildings reconstruction by slabs replacement. Streaming method of organization problems and features E.V. Dyachenko 178-180
47. Two-phase induction generator О.B. Egorov, O.Yu. Egorova 181-182
48. Methods of evaluation of quality of wares of mechanoerecting production Е.I. Kucherenko, S.N. Trokhimchuk 183-189
49. Analysis of wave sensors and measuring errors, arising up at their operation К.О. Krapivin, O.I. Kipachev, O.O. Babich 190-194
50. Analysis principles of work digital frequency average Y.I. Kushneruk, E.S. Pyatkov 194-196
51. Analysis of measurings parameters of the modulated signals Yu.І. Rafal's'kiy, D.O. Nazaruk 196-198
52. Features of metrology maintenance of perspective corvette in relation to measuring of parameters of the magnetic fields A.I. Tymochko, D.V. Chuykov, A.M. Bulay 199-202
53. Analysis of metrological sensors of motor-car technique I.I. Yutovec', О.A. Kononova 202-204
54. Comparative analysis of terms of participation of Ukraine is in world organization of trade with other members of multilateral auction system (2012 – 2013) R.V. Boyko, O.M. Semenenko, Yu.B. Dobrovol'skiy, S.A. Pleshkunov, V.A. Yavrin 205-214
55. Features of application of neuronetwork technologies for automation of technological processes of sugar production S.А. Lyashenko 214-217
56. Design of active area of reactors in trainers of nuclear Power Plant and system of development and exploitation of designings programmatic complexes to ACS TP P.F. Budanov, K.Yu. Brovko, N.Ya. Volgina 218-222
57. Application of simulation for optimization of the parameters of fire safety system of facilities A.B. Vasilyev 223-226
58. Device portable unit radiation monitoring system V.M. Iemets, Yu.V. Sheveleva, N.M. Pelikhaty 227-229
59. Rationale for acceptable risk level with regard technogenic load territorial element А.M. Polezhaev 230-232
60. Analysis of realization of threats natural and technogenic character in the Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy regions A.S. Rogozin 233-235
61. Methods of loss of people during combined treatment of shock waves and ionizing radiation during filling asylum to civil protection S.A. Tuzikov, A.F. Lazutsky, A.V. Pisarev, V.A. Molodtsov 236-238
62. Psychological features of display professionally of deformation of servicemen of internal troops of the MIA of Ukraine with different experience of service A.S. Kolesnichenko 239-243
63. Methodical bases of construction of checking of situation system on state boundary of Ukraine Y.А. Car'ov, O.G. Melnikov 244-248
64. Classification of modern software system level recommended for workplace organization students computer specialties V.A. Zhilin, D.P. Panasenko 249-255
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