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2. Contents 186-187
3. Latent war as a form of international countries in the world in the XXI Century V.I. Tkachenko, E.B. Smirnov 3-11
4. The method of justification of camouflage military facilities on the technical means of air reconnaissance using scenario approach O.M. Zagorka, V.V. Koval 12-16
5. An analysis of the current system of research to summarize the experience and training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the leading countries of the world V.V. Pashchkovskiy 16-22
6. Definition of the order of rockets for performance of fighting problems V.F. Grekov, S.V. Orlov, A.A. Pjankov, Y.A. Tkachenko 23-25
7. Classification of indicators characterizing properties object of armored vehicles I.V. Tsebryuk, D.S. Baulin, V.A. Temnіkov 26-29
8. Method of rational structure substantiation of the system of anti-aircraft missile and artillery cover to air defense of ground forces grouping in the joint operations V.V. Shulezhko, S.A. Kuzmin, E.O. Ryabokon, A.V. Kuleshov, V.V. Megelbey 30-35
9. Methodical approaches to formation and elections recommendations to the ways of optimizing the system staffing Armed Forces of Ukraine O.G. Vodchic, О.М. Semenenko, R.V. Boyko, Yu.B. Dobrovolskiy 36-39
10. Approach to the construction of the state system of resisting informational threats in the special period O.M. Kosogov 40-43
11. Areas of anti information activities during the russian aggression in Ukraine A.O. Siryk, S.V. Ozerov 43-46
12. The formation of the main technical requirements for a promising means of emergency radio communication for the needs of Air Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine O.B. Kotov, A.G. Dmitriev, R.M. Chigrin, Yu.V. Sevost'yanov 47-53
13. To conception of easy helicopter for Armed Forces of Ukraine I.B. Kovtonyuk 54-56
14. Noises of quantum in digital synthesizers of signals and methods of their reduction N.P. Kandyrin 57-63
15. System motion device imaging probe of distribution of electromagnetic fields RF range A.O. Silin 64-66
16. Method choice initial images at preparation of reference patterns for cross-correlation-extreme systems of navigation V.A. Tarshyn, A.M. Sotnikov, R.G. Sydorenko 67-70
17. Methods to improve data security in cloud computing T.G. Belova, V.O. Yaruta, V.V. Pobizhenko 71-73
18. Analysis of statistical properties of random sequences generator U.I. Gorbenko, T.A. Grinenko, A.P. Narezshny 74-77
19. Intelligent technologys for the analysis of spatially distributed objects E.I. Kucherenko, I.S. Hlushenkova, S.O. Hlushenkov 78-80
20. Uniform models and methods for gray-scale transformation of digital images K.S. Smelyakov, E.M. Drob 81-85
21. Review of wavelet transform applications in data mining tasks Т.V. Yur 85-88
22. Аnalysis of operations modes of strengthening direct-current power supply traction system V.V. Bozhko 89-91
23. The choice of an induction motor drive of the fan of the locomotive with a condition to ensure its steady work S.E. Dzenis, V.V. Shevchenko, O.O. Khanin 92-96
24. Combined imitating model of pneumatic and electromechanical the slope body of the vehicle B.Kh. Yeritsyan, B.G. Liubarskyi, D.I. Yakunin 97-103
25. Analog twomass control the system by speed of rotation and pull multimotive electric drive of paper-lapping machine taking into account resilient elements L.B. Kurceva, A.A. Vlasov 104-108
26. Methods of determination of actual corner of passing of serve of fuel in oil-electrical engine V.G. Rykun, D.S. Zvarych 109-112
27. Ways of decline of losses during work of electric drive O.O. Ruchka, O.S. Nazarchuk 113-115
28. Effect on mechanical degradation processes features of structural materials elements construction airframe O.O. Fenenko 116-119
29. System of vibroacoustic diagnostics and crack formation, mechanism of nucleation of microcracks in the metal structures B.D. Khalmuradov, V.A. Gliva, V.M. Makarenko 120-123
30. Analysis and optimization of composition of equipment small HPS for the autonomous energy supply of military objectives and infrastructure A.M. Chernyuk 124-129
31. The development of metrological support in the investigation of chaotic components of measuring information N.V. Glukhova 129-133
32. Some features of modern total station in construction M.N. Tokarev 134-136
33. Scientific basis of integrated management systems build on risks analysis for basis L.M. Vitkin, S.M. Lapach, O.R. Rolko 137-141
34. Parameter-dependent Lyapunov functions for constrained robust guaranteed inventory control synthesis Yu.I. Dorofieiev 142-149
35. Research of logistic chains of distributed manufacture to improve the efficiency of growing enterprise Y.L. Pronchakov, K.O. Zapadnya, M.V. Ivanov 150-152
36. Research of logistic chains of distributed manufacture to improve the efficiency of growing enterprise Y.P. Babkov, M.N. Adamchuk 153-157
37. Comparative analysis of the laws of consumption of oxygen in the rescue in regenerative breathing apparatus V.M. Strelec, P.A. Kovalev 158-162
38. Mathematical model overcoming offenders physical barriers band gap perimeter of critical facilities M.G. Goluboсk 163-166
39. Analysis and research of instruments of testing automation at development of employments curriculum constructing of automated system programs complex S.V. Dudenko,V.V. Kalachova, S.V. Aleksyeyev, M.M. Kolmykov 167-173
40. Programmatic technical trainer-imitation complex of preparation of radio telegrafist О.О. Kazimirov, A.І. Kurtov, A.І. Potixensky 174-177
41. Psychological and didactic aspects of students adaptation of foreigners to the educational process of higher military educational institution T.A. Sutyuschev 178-181
42. Plagiarism problem in the present conditions Ukraine I.O. Pobizhenko 181-183
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44. Index 188