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2. Contents 167-168
3. Improved performances and goals criteria warfare in the air V.I. Tkachenko, E.B. Smirnov 3-9
4. Improved performances and goals criteria warfare in the air А.А. Astakhov 10-13
5. Substantive provisions of rational composition of military object forces and facilities of disguise ground method from the opponent airspionage hardwares O.M. Zagorka, V.V. Koval 14-17
6. Suggestion on disguise of position of radar subdivision from facilities of optical-electronic airspionage G.V. Khudov, V.М. Kuprii, О.A. Grebenchuk, D.V. Svirgun 18-22
7. Efficiency estimation methods of counteractions against the negative information and psychological enemy impact G.V. Pevtsov, A.N. Hordiyenko, S.V. Zalkin, S.A. Sidchenko, K.I. Khudarkovskiy 23-28
8. Influence of multipleness of hyposcope of sniper rifle on hit of aim probability A.I. Bilenko, U.A. Belashov 29-33
9. Analysis of employment of counter sabotage action of units in wars and armed conflicts V.U. Panchenko, I.O. Radchenko 34-36
10. Testing by forming a rational variant of logistics support for combat operations of Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces A.N. Gurin 37-40
11. Estimate the performance of major budget programs Ministry of defence of Ukraine for the period 2006-2014 О.М. Semenenko, O.G. Vodchic, R.V. Boyko, V.L. Ivanov 41-45
12. Algorithmic tasks ground for modern analytical facilities of defensive side complex of aircrafts О.М. Shelyakin, О.P. Borisyuk, I.V. Shein 46-50
13. Research the efficiency of descaling from the engine cooling systems of the means of aviation flights terrestrsal ensuring A.P. Kudryavtseva, T.P. Mukhina, О.М. Leonenko 51-54
14. Proposition for detection of small and low-altitude air objects by using mobile communication system P.V. Bilak, G.V. Khudov 55-57
15. Analys of quality values joint search and detection of objects O.V. Vysotsky 58-60
16. The results of directional characteristics of circular cylindrical antenna array with small values of phase errors V.V. Voinov, M.M. Demkov, P.V. Openko, A.F. Shevchenko 61-63
17. Methods for assessing the reliability of control of technical condition of radar systems radar reconnaissance D.A. Donchak, G.G. Kamaltunov, V.A. Tyutyunnik 64-69
18. Reshaper of multifrequency signal on basis of direct digital synthesizer for management by acousto-optical filters N.P. Kandyrin 70-75
19. Error minimization in measuring of the EEA objects that are investigated in SHF echoless chamber (ANG) caused by background A.V. Prylypko, S.V. Orehov, A.V. Lezik 76-76
20. A model of intrusion in mobile radio networks class MANET S.V. Salnyk, V.V. Salnyk, O.Y. Sova, Y.O. Stempkovska 79-84
21. Adaptation of devices and algorithms of secondary processing of radar data A.V. Chelpanov, S.O. Karpeichyk, O.Y. Priadko, V.M. Reshetnіk 85-88
22. The use of the systolic system based on the method of moments to improve the discrete Hartley transform A.E. Gorushkina, S.G. Semenov 89-92
23. Formalization of the requirements of security guarantees (in accordance with ISO / IEC 15408) based on CASE-approach I.V. Kosenko, O.A. Usachоva, M.R. Stadnichenko 93-98
24. Taxonomy-kernel method and its using to make a multiple criteria alternatives comparison I.S. Romanchenko, M.М. Potyemkin 99-102
25. The approach to the assessment of vulnerability steganographic channel based on the truncated Fourier transform in Galois field to attack "by a known mathematical models" I.V. Ruban, S.V. Dudenko, A.A. Smirnov 103-106
26. Practical aspects of creation initial information for geoinformation analysis in the real estate management I.S. Tvoroshenko, V.R. Mhebrova, V.V. Byeliy 107-111
27. Problem about subjects movement in inhomogeneous environment and the ways to solve operation of water transport D.N. Gudkov, I.V. Tikhonov 112-115
28. Tensor-mathematical modeling of machining accuracy in dynamic system of catting machine V.М. Chupryna 116-124
29. The area method based on amplitude-frequency characteristics for identification of accelerometers parameters identification Baker Alravashdeh, M.P. Sergiienko 125-129
30. Analysis design and specifications of optical sights M.A. Kuhar, A.N. Naumenko, S.О. Sherbinin 129-132
31. Analysis of atmospheric laser operative communication networks O.R. Sklyr, A.N. Naumenko, A.V. Revin 132-135
32. Formation theoretical foundations of information and communication offset functional critical hybrid systems from outside influence of different nature, in creating concept material information system monitoring of reasonable emergencies R.I. Shevchenko 136-141
33. Recommendations for use of reserves in complication of the situation at the state border A.V. Bratko 142-145
34. Material means expenditure model for Ukraine’ grouping of National guard in a special period V.P. Gorodnov, V.V. Vlasyuk, V.V. Ovcharenk 146-150
35. Methodological principles of intelligence analysis in operational and investigation activities of border guard units in combating illegal armed formations during anti-terrorist operation D.A. Kupriyenko, O.B. Farion 151-156
36. Determination method of the rational organization of events of material support of operational activities of the National guard of Ukraine I.F. Rolin, I.E. Morozov 157-160
37. Organization of an individually-educate work with high school students S.V. Bunakov, A.O. Petrenk 161-163
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