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3. An approach of automation weapon usage decision-making process Yu. Agafonov, S. Zviglyanich, N. Izyumskiy 6-8
4. Selection of a method for preserving the functions of the battle management point O. Gulyak, B. Demyanchuk, О. Sotnikov 9-12
5. Areas of improvement of simulation system of combat use of radio-radar units О. Kolesnik, S. Leshchenko, V. Krishchenko, P. Kovbasa 13-16
6. Contradictions arising in the current of community fighting and the way of their solution I. Pegahin, S. Starodybtsev, V. Varakuta, O. Zabula, O. Chernyavskyy 17-24
7. Methodical approach to assessing the effectiveness of the air defense control system Ye. Schinkarev, V. Gorodnov, S. Lazebnik, O. Misura 25-27
8. The development of a model based on the cost/accuracy criterion for the optimal use of a ground range measuring and computing complex V. Bashinskiy, Y. Dobryshkin, A. Sobora 28-34
9. Methodology of determination of the rational structure of the system of material safety of action of the aircraft team of the Air Forces of the armed forces of Ukraine in the air operation О. Gurin 35-39
10. Methodical approach to justification of the rational composition bodies of military management V. Komarov, O. Kosogov, V. Kurdyuk 40-45
11. Indices of military and economic analysis and methods of their assessment V. Makeev, V. Petrenko, V. Zhytnyk, A. Raskoshniy 46-50
12. The estimation method of programs implementation effectiveness (plans) of the development of the armed forces of Ukraine with a glance of the full and timely financing of them О. Semenenko, O. Vodchic, L. Semenenko, R. Boyko, D. Bashinsky, H. Zubrytska 51-58
13. Review of programs and requirements of NATO steering documents for the outside of space situational awareness M. Pichugin, D. Karlov, A. Klimishen, Ya. Kozhushko 59-63
14. Analysis of mechanisms of network attacks at the application layer for criminal investigations of cyber crimes A. Snigurov, V. Balashov, A. Serdyk 64-68
15. Development of the perspective shock-breaking universal battle flying apparatus Y. Babiy, A. Klepikovskiy, V. Kovalev 69-71
16. The definition of the profile of the resistance body in the pipe aerodynamically V. Bezdelniy, A. Mishkova, М. Sheludko 72-75
17. Mathematical model to estimate dry friction damper influence to aerodynamic aircraft control surfaces vibration amplitude in case of transonic flutter A. Safronov, A. Nedil’ko, V. Safrоnov 76-80
18. National development bespilotnyh lethal device in conditions antiterorystychnoyi of operations in east Ukraine V. Sokolovsky, V. Mudrik 81-84
19. Methods of ensuring quality of service in modern telecommunications networks for military purposes E. Bovda, V. Salnyk 85-94
20. Analysis of the signal preprocessing efficiency by modified SSA method V. Vasylyshyn, K. Matsina, R. Lukianiuk, R. Kasihin 95-98
21. Matching dynamic features of video stream to information network: problem solving analysis O. Boreiko, К. Drozd, V. Fustii 99-103
22. Features of the building o f aerial reconnaissance television system with improved characteristics A. Gluschko, O. Chechuy, V. Sin’ko, M. Zotov 104-106
23. Analysis of seismic signals detection methods on the three-component seismic station supervisions results Yu. Gordienko, A. Solonets, A. Koshel, D. Rudenko 107-110
24. Image sharpness measures comparison for application in digital holography R. Dovhaliuk 111-116
25. Examples of digital direct synthesizers practical designing of signals on integrated microcircuits N. Kandyrin 117-125
26. Development of methods reproduction of data for solving the problem of noise filtration in observed signal P. Kostenko, V. Slobodyanuk, O. Akimov, N. Potapova 126-129
27. The track distance distinction of synthesized radar antenna array under the influence of atmosphere’s heterogeneity O. Кuznietsov, O. Кolomiytsev, К. Sadovyi 130-133
28. Using signals digital terrestrial television for creating stealth radiotracking area V. Petrenko, P. Bilak, S. Beliak 134-136
29. The videoframe processing technology for on-board means telecommunications S. Stasev 137-141
30. Estimation of the radar visibility level of rocket o f the multiple rocket launcher "Grad" in different wave bands M. Surgay, G. Zalevsky, V. Vasilets, O. Sukharevsky 142-148
31. The method of selecting the operating mode of multi-antenna military radiocommunication systems A. Shishatskiy, A. Kuvshinov, S. Petrunchak 149-152
32. Analysis of mathematical models of complex technical maintenance facilities G. Zhyrov, E. Lenkov, I. Tolok 153-157
33. The method of selections the points of the jack attachment to the boom and frame of the load lifting unit V. Grekov, A. Pjankov, Yu. Tkachenko 158-160
34. Thermodynamic conditions f or the achievement of the anomalously low friction and wear in tribology O. Troshin 161-165
35. Development of the design of the olfaktometric apparatus Y. Nosova, О. Avrunin, V. Semenets 166-169
36. Develop an integrated system of systematic monitoring of radiation situation at through various methods A. Pisarev, I. Radchenko, S. Pisarev, A. Lazutskiy, S. Tuzikov 170-174
37. The need to increase the motivation of the officers in mastering the programs for training masters of the operational-tactical level O. Shmakov 175-178
38. Alkalescent stricken based schlacke disintegrator grinding I. Kazimagomedov, A. Rachkovskiy, F. Kazimagomedov 179-181
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