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3. Tendencies and perspective directions of development of radio electronic fight are in the armed conflicts of contemporaneity and future V. Karlov, O. Lukashuk, S. Sholokhov 6-9
4. Method of determining the route of moving vehicles with the delivery of material and technical means A. Petrov, H. Khudov, I. Taran 10-13
5. Comparison of major building activities needs financing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and its forecasting changes of volumes until 2020 A. Abramov 14-17
6. Basic methodological aspects of strategic ground of tasks and measures of development of Military Powers of Ukraine О. Semenenko, R. Pekulyak, S. Maslovs'kiy, R. Boyko, O. Nechitaylo 18-25
7. Ways to increase the energy secrecy of a radio channel of the IEEE 802.11ITS standard of the State Border Service of Ukraine D. Volinets 26-29
8. Methodology for determining the structure of the information security system of the Ministry of defense and Armed Forces of Ukraine O. Kosogov, A. Siryk 30-34
9. Analysis of possibilities to using chaotic process for organizing command and telemetry radio network for control unmanned aerial vehicles K. Vasyta, S. Ozerov, A. Litvin, A. Severilov 35-38
10. Evaluation of the organizational factors i nfluence on flight safety in air traffic control Yu. Sikirda, T. Shmelova, D. Tkachenko 39-44
11. Automation of preliminary navigator calculations for determination of battle possibilities of fighter aircraft O. Tymochko, V. Chernov, I. Rozhn'ov, A. Semernya 45-48
12. Formation of controlled virtual orbits of cosmic apparatuses by the cloning method P. Frees 49-56
13. The principles to maintain an acceptable level of air navigation safety in Ukraine V. Kharchenko, O. Alexeiev, A. Luppo, R. Yurchik 57-61
14. Analysis of reflexsiv control in radioelectronic information systems I. Barushev, A. Dahno 62-66
15. Steganographic technique for JPEG images using optimal embedding patterns V. Zheglov O. Iakovenko N. Kushnirenko 67-71
16. Method for determining coefficient power error of front resistance missile by means station outwardly trajectory measurements O. Zhuravlev, О. Коlоmіytsev, S. Herasimov 72-76
17. Analysis principles forming sinusoid signals of digital generators О. Ivanov, D. Gorbanev, A. Naumenko 77-79
18. Directional properties of phased antenna array with random non-uniform phase errors L. Kornienko, V. Kobsev, O. Kolomiytsev 80-83
19. Increasing the stealth analytical chaotic signals P. Kostenko, А. Barsukov, Е. Bernik, R. Kornilin 84-87
20. Descriptions of absorption of waves environment with electromagnetic by losses A.M. Sотniков, B.A. Dем’yanchuk 88-92
21. Improved evolution method of segmentation of multivally scale sequence of images received from the board of space optic-electronic observation systems V. Khudov, A. Makoveychuk 93-97
22. Generalized metrics in the problem o f analysis of multidimensional data with different scales E. Bodyanskiy, V. Strukov, D. Uzlov 98-101
23. Principles intellectualization informatively of measurings systems A. Gulin, T. Mamedova, V. Rishkin, Y. Shamaev 102-106
24. The integrated model of knowledge loss risk management in project environment D. Shteinbrekher 107-112
25. Choice of index for estimation of the technical state dyzel-generator B. Kononov, O. Bondarenko 113-117
26. Influence of external factors on suction of springs of suspension of vehicle O. Fenenko, М. Oksentiuk 118-120
27. Reconstruction of the system of preparation of aircraft reservors of state aviation of ukraina – time requirement V. Khizhnyak, M. Cunyo, A. Litovchenko, A. Dmitriev 121-125
28. Information model of the distribution of atmospheric pollution at the objects of mining production M. Adamenko, B. Khalmuradov, E. Darmofal 136-131
29. Method of forecasting the change of regime functioning of the State border service of Ukraine Yu. Ivashkov, S. Onyshchuk 132-134
30. Motivation approach to shaping the official order of power and facilities organ and subdivisions state border guard during reaction on exceeding situations I. Katerynchuk, I. Kryvii 135-140
31. Methodology of forming of requirements to the organizational structure of border unit of rapid response V. Lemeshko 141-145
32. The concept of engagement of the State border guard service of Ukraine in territorial defense A. Mysyk 146-152
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