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2. Contents 5-7
3. The experience of Ukrainian counteraction to the negative information and psychological influence of the Russian Federation A. Zvarych 8-13
4. Proposals for the determination of the concept of the combat readiness of military units (divisions) of anti-aircraft missile forces and air defense of the land forces for measuring its effects on the efficiency of military operations M. Demenko, O. Kuleshov, O. Petrenko 14-21
5. Assessment of defence planning results in Armed Forces of Ukraine M. Dieniezhkin 22-27
6. Method of forecasting dynamics of development of capacity Armed Forces of Ukraine according to efficiency assembly of financial resources O. Semenenko, O. Vodchyts, R. Boyko, S. Maslovsky, A. Berdochnik 28-38
7. Method of ranking options of the road variants to train harvest aircrafts for the impact of groundweight using cellular automaton E. Vorobyov 39-47
8. Improving the effectiveness of optimally distributed structure of aircraft flight and navigation complex in conditions of destabilizing impacts M. Kalashnyk-Rybalko 48-58
9. Efficiency of the laser informatively-measuring systems G. Aloshin, O. Kolomiitsev, V. Posohov, S. Klivets 59-65
10. The analysis optical-electronic means of investigation and the direction of their perfection for the purpose of increase of efficiency of fighting application armament and military equipment V. Kondrat, O. Kostenko, O. Kornienko 66-71
11. Improvement of the model of multiple interactions of military equipment groupings of aeronautical-radionavigation service in the radiation conditions of mobile networks of fourth generation radio technology in the frequency band 790-862 MHz V. Lebedev 72-77
12. Development of method management network resources of the telecommunication network on the basis multiple gang systems A. Kholodkova 78-81
13. Structure of the knowledge base for choosing the data clustering algorithm V. Burdaev 82-88
14. The method of synthesis of control devices and test diagnostics of distributed systems M. Losev 89-92
15. Management technique of requirements in agile I. Ushakova, A. Makarova 93-98
16. Data analysis in SQL Server means of Python V. Fedko 99-104
17. Swarm method (artificial bee colony) thematic segmentation of the multiplic sequence of images received from the optical-electronic surveillance system I. Khizhnyak 105-112
18. Study of social networks user’s profiles O. Cherednichenko, V. Tkachenko, M. Vovk, O. Masihnovich 113-119
19. Information technology of depending of errors software O. Shmatko, M. Myronenko 120-125
20. Technology of creation of steelfibrobeton with high strength to stretchings S.S. Vandolovskyi, T.O. Kostyuk O.V. Rachkovskyi, I.A. Plakhotnikova 126-131
21. Oscillation of a sprung part of vehicles with non-conservative specifications of shock absorbers M. Hrubel, R. Nanivskyi, M. Sokil 132-136
22. Нетрадиційний спосіб апроксимації експериментальних залежностей абразивного зношування O. Vishnevsky, A. Davydov 137-143
23. Analysis of the possibility of use of thermometerial pharms for evaluation of the technical condition of electrical connectors M. Martysh, E. Babak 144-147
24. Reflexial control by partner relations in decision-making by polygraphic enterprises T. Andryushchenko 148-152
25. Choice of style formation of magazines O. Berezhna 153-158
26. Multifactor evaluation of indexes of the development of IT industries in the regions of Ukraine N. Brynza, A. Gavrilova 159-169
27. Verification of the method of evaluating the functional efficiency of the transfer of banking information resources in automated banking systems S. Yevseiev, R. Korolev, A. Komyshan, I. Bon, S. Solonenko, V. Bohulskyi 170-186
28. Determination of the calculating effectiveness of civil filtering personal protective equipment V. Barbashyn, V. Dubnytskyi, H. Fesenko, I. Cherepnov, V. Bazeliuk, Ye. Shpinda 187-198
29. Analysis of the non-liquid methods of desactation of the samples of armaments, military equipment and military objects A. Pisarev, I. Radchenko, S. Tuzikov, A. Lazutsky, S. Pisarev 199-206
30. Virtual reality in the educational process V. Klymnjuk 207-212
31. Assessment procedure of effective deployment of rapid response units of the state border guard service of Ukraine during engagement in stabilization actions of troops (forces) O. Hluzdan 213-220
32. Index 221-222

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