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3. Method estimations of radio engineering troops groupment vitality at the reflection of blow of opponent of air attack S. Hohoniants, V. Kryshchenko 8-13
4. The features of training and carrying out combat alert of air defense units of Army during the antiterrorist operation K. Gorbachev, A. Silayev, I. Tikhonov 14-17
5. Classifications of divisions antikraft missile and armies antidefense of Overland armies M. Ermoshin, О. Kuleshov, О. Kolomiitsev, Ye. Ryapolov, V. Shulezhko 18-24
6. Comparative evaluation of the realization of alternative options for robotization of weapons and military equipment of air assault troops for intersecting hypotesis V. Klimenko, B. Demianchuk 25-31
7. Ensuring airborne assault landing in a limited area A. Sheigas, A. Ponomarenko, P. Shurtakov, D. Bykshan 32-37
8. Creating a database of existing weapon system V. Voinov, G. Kachurovski, A. Shevchenko, O. Gurin 38-42
9. The concept for automation of the organizational management process of the missile brigade, armed with the operational-tactical missile system A. Dodonov, A. Nikiforov, V. Putyatin 43-56
10. The influence of evaluation and analysis of capacity to defining measures of development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine M. Dieniezhkin 57-64
11. Search and justification of ways of improvement and development Air Defense Missile Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine V. Kushneruk, M. Horlichenko, O. Kharytonov, A. Pechkin 65-68
12. Method of distribution of limited financial resources in the plans of the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on direction battle preparation O. Semenenko, O. Vodchyts, R. Boyko, R. Pekulyak, O. Kremeshnyy 69-75
13. Recommendations on information and analytical support and automation of management by integrated potential of counteraction to military threats to providing the profile of the country's military security level A. Sirotenko 76-80
14. Recommendations for the development of the methods of operation of the State border guard service of Ukraine to function in conditions of allied Force operation O. Trembovetskyi, D. Hulevatyi, S. Kashtelian 81-86
15. The methods of determination and forecasting of aircraft masks for protection of lifting equipment safety Yu. Sitnik, O. Kondratenko, V. Stadnik 87-91
16. Advanced network of radar aids to aviation meteorological services D. Atamanskyi 92-102
17. The automation of the processes of collecting, processing and displaying information about the air situation at the command and control tower at the management of flights of state aviation O. Vysotsky, O. Korshets, R. Lymar, S. Makarov, A. Martynov 103-108
18. Model of navigation errors in anomal gravitational earth field S. Herasimov, D. Makarchuk, A. Kostenko 109-114
19. Statement of problem of target’s radial velocity optimal estimation using initial phases correlating fluctuations of received radio pulses bursts V. Karlov, O. Kuznietsov, A. Artemenko 115-121
20. Comparative analysis of content of web-sites of public authorities T. Bilova, І. Pobizhenko, V. Dyomina 122-126
21. Investigation of the influence of use of indexes in tables relational databases S. Minukhin, V. Viunenko 127-133
22. Projectile ricochet energy reduction procedure О. Bіlenko, O. Kirichenko, D. Pavlov 134-137
23. Modern technologies for solving issues of collective protection from chemically hazardous substances in the defense industry А. Galak, N. Sakhnenko, I. Belousov, A. Kosarev, O. Linyvtsev 138-143
24. Features of interface design development of the employments curriculum constructing automated system programs complex in Kharkiv National Air Force University “CASCADE” M. Tyshchenko, О. Misiura, V. Tretiak, V. Каlаchovа, O. Trublin 144-151
25. Humanitarian disciplines as the way of humanisation of Ukrainian formation O. Pavlіchenko, L. Petrova 152-156
26. Rational land use at Velikoburlutsky district of Kharkiv region through ecological and landscape land use implementation S. Otechko 157-163
27. Basement soil swelling and shrinkage accounting for fem system “basement – foundation – structure” under plane deformation condition I. Khrapatova, N. Koziura, A. Rachkovskyi 164-169
28. Index 170