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3. Method of determining the optimal distribution of anti-tank weapons for the destruction of enemy armored targets in the planning of firing ambushes in a defensive battle S. Telyukov, S. Guzchenko, H. Zlyvka, G. Gajdarly 7-13
4. Monitoring the states of operating environment and multi-structural systems of military assignment in the management of their functioning and structural dynamics D. Grib, B. Demidov, Yu. Kucherenko, O. Matiushchenko, O. Khmelevcka 14-25
5. An estimation of realizable characteristics of aviation reconnaissance complex on base of the air and surface basing unmanned unified platform Yu. Agafonov, Yu. Osipov, V. Serbin, Yu. Tkachenko 26-31
6. The justification of modern approaches to processes automation of decision making for aircraft control N. Korolyuk, O. Pershin, T. Gridnyova, S. Shevchenko, M. Agapov 32-39
7. Directions for improving the aircraft radiant status of aircraft air condition with using FBMC technology А. Glushko, A. Goritskaya, N. Kuksov, E. Shevchenko 40-45
8. Justification of the need to detect maneuvers of “snake” and “scissor” targets on the stage of tracking with radio equipment I. Kirillov, T. Novikova, A. Polissky, T. Shevchuk, A. Yanenko 46-52
9. Development of program implementation of the algorithm for recalculation of frequency into the code sequence for reinstallation of the R-832(M) radio station on new radio information А. Krasnorutskyi, R. Sydoruk, V. Abramov 53-57
10. Method of transparency assessment in the information and telecommunication network of Air Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine in organization of the transmission of data M. Yavorsky, D. Holubnychyi, S. Ovchynnikov, S. Kolesnyk, О. Patlakh 58-64
11. Use of liquid-crystalline compounds as antifriction and antiwear additives for lubricants S. Voronin, N. Anoshkina, N. Gorbachov, S. Kupyanskij 65-72
12. Ways of acceleration of synchronization process in electrical supply systems of military objects B. Kononov, M. Budur 73-80
13. Methods of diagnostic information processing based on physical diagnosis methods and extreme tests results of digital devices’ radio-electronic components of radio-electronics S. Gluhov 81-86
14. Reliability of obtaining the measuring information by measuring-computing complex of proving ground B. Chumak, V. Romanyuk 87-91
15. Fluidless method for decontamination of samples of armament andmilitary equipment and military objects by removing a polluted layerand isolation of the polluted surface A. Pisarev, I. Radchenko, A. Lazutsky, S. Tuzikov 92-97
16. а two-level mathematical model for predicting the risk of accidents at a potentially hazardous facility A. Malko, S. Artemyev, B. Tsymbal, О. Rybalova 98-103
17. Assessment of actual registration zones of parameters of a nuclear explosion when creating a monotoring system for emergency situations of a military nature I. Cherniavskiy 104-110
18. Prospects for using ultraviolet leds for neutralizing hazardous chemical substances A. Galak, N. Sakhnenko, M. Ved, S. Menshov, S. Kasyan 111-117
19. Index 118

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