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2. Contents 5-6
3. Informatization management of structural dynamics of complex multi-structural systems military appointment at the dynamic change of the situation in the area of combat operations D. Grib, B. Demidov, M. Borisenko, M. Kuznietsova 7-15
4. Justification of the evaluation indicator of options for distribution of forces and means by directions in the streak defense A. Golovanov, S. Skorodid 16-21
5. Analytical notes on combat operations near the settlement of Deir-ez-Zor (Syria) I. Naumenko, М. Mokrockiy, R. Shostak, S.Orlov 22-26
6. Some ways to improve the technical support system by determining the models for research A. Lezik, E. Pastychok, H. Levahin, D. Knysh 27-32
7. Application of global systems of definition of the location for increase of battle possibilities of antiaircraft rocket troops S. Yarosh, M. Budanov, O. Gaponov, Yu. Fliachok 33-42
8. The perspective of use unmanned aerial vehicles by units of the National guard of Ukraine during the public order protection O. Holovan, D. Trobiuk 43-47
9. Application of uncleaned aircraft for solving the problems of aircraft flights I. Kashaev, O. Usachova, S. Novichonok, V. Petrov 48-58
10. Methodical approach of determination of effective nomenclature of decimators of perspective shock pilotless aviation complexes V. Petrov, I. Kashaev, I. Klyushnikov, A. Kudriavtsev 59-66
11. Method of forming set individual test tasks for assessment level of air traffic controller training during simulator training V. Storchak, Yu. Kovalov 67-74
12. Method of hidden transfer of information in voice message А. Bekirov, O. Baranik, V. Parfylo 75-82
13. Method of aviation radio traffic confidentiality securing A. Bekirov, A. Krasnorutsky, N. Kovtunenko 83-90
14. Analysis of the possibility of automated targeting measures for means of malocaliber zenith arts I. Leonov, S. Leshchenko, V. Kudryashov, A. Prisiazhniy, S. Leushyn 91-98
15. Use of digital differentiation of video pulses in landing radiolocator for substantial decline of passive interferences influence M. Rysakov, O. Kulik, I. Kostenko, S. Blashchuk, О. Voronin 99-105
16. Efficiency of measures of radio electronic protection of objects from radiometric detection systems by using special coatings R. Sydorenko, G. Akulinin, S. Bezverkhiy, A. Goncharov 106-112
17. Theoretical and natural preconditions to achieve abnormal low friction and wear in tribology V. Voytov, V. Stadnychenko, V. Varvarov 113-125
18. Improving the methods of relay protection of power transformers in electrical supply systems for military airdromes relevant for Joint Forces Operation H. Lahutin, A. Kudryavs’kyy, S. Khabosha 126-132
19. Analysis of methods for determining the technical condition of asynchronous motors of electric machine frequency converters in electric supply systems of surface-to-air missile systems H. Lahutin, O. Skyba, O. Yur'yev 133-139
20. Determination of the amplitudes and frequencies of the torque vibrations of the diesel-generator barket condition, which are using the devices of vibration movements Yu. Musairova 140-152
21. Method diagnostics of the gas turbine engine in the direct spectrum of vibration Yu. Chepurniy, B. Martinets 153-158
22. Way of transition from the protection of the placement of the compact period of diplomatic personnel to the equation, in the event of implementation of threats of their safety T. Sutushev, I. Volkov 159-164
23. Index 165-168

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