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3. Criteria for assessing the effectiveness of the organization of interaction during the air defense of troops A. Volkov, O. Yanenko, S. Kravchenko 7-11
4. Valuation of the intelligence forces and resourses action influence on the usage of rocket complex effectiveness taking into account the weapons characteristics of the sides V. Grekov, V. Bzot, I. Kuzhel, N. Shigimaga 12-17
5. Analysis of factors influencing the determination of the visibility range of objects through the aerosol curtain A. Pisarev, A. Lazutsky, S. Tuzikov, S. Pisarev 18-23
6. Methodology for determining the rational structure of forces and means of radiation, chemical, biological protection of the Air Force command S. Poplavets 24-29
7. Conceptual model of information and analytical activity of operational subsidiaries of the State border service of Ukraine O. Farion 30-34
8. Analysis of the tactics of the fighting application of cruise missiles in the application of impact on important state features and the plants group S. Yarosh, O. Rohulia 35-44
9. Indicators and criterias of general points of the methodology of estimative efficiency of the implementation of logistic support of the military units of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the armed warfare G. Zalevsky, A. Lekakh, O. Gurin, V. Startsev, V. Kalachova 45-52
10. Method of psychodiagnostic tools' determination for professional selection and training of specialists in complex ergatic systems О. Dmitriiev, М. Melnichuk, S. Khmelevskiy, G. Shcherbak, S. Shylo 53-62
11. Basic provisions of the methodology for forming a development concept and technical outline of anti-aircraft missile systems as structural components of a perspective weapon and air defense system of state and its armed forces O. Turіnskyi, D. Grib, B. Demidov, O. Khmelevska 63-78
12. Models and construction methods of multiagent adaptive training systems (trainers) M. Soroka, N. Salo, V. Kalachova 79-85
13. Target flying height measuring in air space control radars with account of the tropospheric refraction current state V. Klimchenko, G. Kamaltynov, V. Misailov, H. Rybalka 86-95
14. Suggestion upon automated settlement of supply of radio signal on intervals of troposphere line for determination of reliability of all of flow line M. Rysakov, О. Kulik, V. Kubrak, S. Blaschuk, O. Scherbak 96-102
15. Ways to improve the radio electronic protection of objects from the impact of modern and perspective means of detection and damage R. Sydorenko, H. Mehelbei, H. Rybalka, A. Reznichenko, O. Skopintsev 103-111
16. Theoretical bases of generating interaction of a vehicle pneumatic tire with a bearing surface in off-road conditions M. Hrubel 112-121
17. Use of scientific databases and their tools in research P. Pacek 129-128
18. Structure of information and communication education environments for public administration professionals V. Khyzhniak, O. Shevchenko, A. Dmytriiev 129-134
19. The modern state of the border security environment of Ukraine O. Shincaruk, M. Lisiy, D. Kupriyenko, Yu. Babii, A. Ignatiev, O. Ananin 135-145
20. Index 146