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3. Key aspects of the methodological bases of development of comprehensive programs of combat training of the military forces of the state defense V. Mozharovskyi, S. Hodz 7-17
4. Methods of response purpose of planned behavior of agents in intellectual pidtrima systems to accept the response A. Bеrеzhnyi, M. Soroka, N. Salo 18-24
5. Tabular method of definition of car motor resources expenditure in the development of annual plan of military unit cars operation and repair P. Buryak, I. Tsebriuk, O. Parkhomchuk, Ye. Buryak 25-31
6. Dynamics of the movement of the projectiles OF26 released from the gun D-81 L. Velychko, N. Huzyk, O. Petruchenko 32-39
7. Tactical art of Air Defense forces Ground forces and its development from the experience of modern armed conflicts A. Volkov, O. Lezik, K. Нorbachov, S. Bazilo 40-45
8. Methodology of analytical determination of the required minimum expense of rockets for defeat of objects with the define level of damage O. Zhuravlev, R. Muray, N. Shigimaga, О. Drol 46-52
9. Analysis of the characteristics, the tactics of the fighting application of cruise missiles in the application of impact on important state features and the plants 'group Yu. Kucherenko, A. Nosyk, А. Tkachov, Ye. Shubin 53-60
10. Possible forms and methods of battle use of forces and means of anti-air defense and radioelectronic fighting under the conditions of radioelectronic opposition in the area of the United operations operation O. Lezik, S. Oriekhov, H. Levahin, M. Oboronov 61-67
11. Analysis of the main provisions of the charter of the Air Force Brigade US Army FM 3-01.7 (3-01.11) S. Piskunov, A. Volkov, Yu. Galkin, М. Brechka 68-73
12. Evaluation of contradictions in practice improvement of combat work calculations of automated command posts A. Romaniuk, I. Dzeverin 74-78
13. Analysis and prospects for the development of technical means of the contractual sniper fight O. Tantsiura, Yа. Kozhushko, V. Radetckiy, O. Shevchuk 79-84
14. Methodical approach to formation and verification of digital output data of range and duration of flight of aircraft S. Smyk, A. Kudriavtsev, I. Kliushnikov, I. Kulinich 85-90
15. Analysis of design circuits of single-circuit aviation gas turbine engines from the point of view of acoustic vibration diagnostics М. Sukhanov, Yu. Chepurniy, O. Tereshchenko, B. Martinets 91-97
16. Measuring angle of the targets in the survey meter range radars of the radio-technical troops V. Zyukin, S. Kukobko, I. Trofymov, D. Kozlov  98-104
17. Mathematical model of electrical and magnetic component of the field radiation of elements by a convex antenna array O. Lukovskyi, V. Karlov, I. Ryapolov, O. Bespalko 105-109
18. Analysis of construction of methods of measurement of medical application A. Naumenko, D. Holovniak, N. Spanchak 110-115
19. Analysis of methods of tomographic measurements of image of internal structure of objects and their application A. Naumenko, I. Olshevski, O. Spanchak 116-121
20. Index 122